Monday, 11 March 2013

Lists - 9/52

Me and blog etiquette. I fall at the first hurdle every time. I signed up to the list thing through Meet Me At Mike's, and although I credited Pip when I started, I haven't since.

Note to self: try harder next time. (Duly noted).



Good words. Bad words. 

Swear words.

Funny words. Sad words.

Favourite words.

Words I use a lot. 

A list of words
(I wonder if you can work out which word fits which category?)

Juxtaposition  Hush  Diet  Cuddle  Faffing  Potter  Smug  Cock  No  Dribble  Shush  Seed  Missing  

Fantastic  Love  Dump  Prawn  Cake  Smile  Bargain  Flab  Kettle  Skim  Out  Look  Syndrome  

Psychoanalysis  Towel  Peach  Dimple  Droop  Slug  Nestle  Honey  Magazine  Headache  Cellulite

You could just go on and on and on.
(I think I'll stop now).

Hang on.....

Oops  Morsel  Fluff  Bum  Jagged  Dance  Picture

Leanne xx


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