Tuesday, 12 March 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 14/52

Well hello there, you lovely lovelies!! It is a beautiful day in St Ives today. The sun is bright in the sky, which always makes me feel happy. I confess that although my day started at 5am (bless you Olly), I have been faffing about a bit. Oh, I've done all the usual - washing machine on, packed lunches done, seen Sam & Alfie off to school, hoovered, tidied, made beds, picked up various detritus, drank five cups of tea, ate my muesli and banana, clapped and applauded at Olly's improving mastery of not weeing through his clothes before he gets to the potty, written down my 'to do in town later' list - but I'm also enjoying the fact that Olly is totally absorbed in playing with his trains.

Marc got some old Tomy trains of Alfie's down from the loft at the weekend. Olly hasn't stopped playing with them since. He is chatting and making up stories. Singing songs and nursery rhymes. Laughing to himself. Creating disasters and rescues on the tracks. He is content in his own world of make believe. It's fabulous.

I used to be such a helicopter parent. How far I've come! Able to let him be, and not interfere or make it a "better" game. I don't feel in the least guilty. The house is tidy and there is a lovely relaxed atmosphere pervading through it. It's a whole happy in itself!

This week's worth of happy - courtesy of Jen and Gillian - are Spring happy. Enjoy!!

An Early Crocus

With my new camera (ahem) I took this gorgeous photo. Most Spring flowers are small and unobtrusive. They are like tiny jewels in the garden. They bloom. Then they are gone. The purple colouring is exquisite. I love the veining (is that right)?


I bought these just after Christmas from Lidl. I planted them, and last week they started growing frantically. They are starting to bud and turn red. They look at bit, well, phallic!! But I've invested quite a bit of time in them, so I'm sticking with them.

Jasmine Hoops

While wondering around Homebase yesterday fretting about paint colours, I spotted these plants reduced to £1.97 each!! And the zinc planters were 59p!! Bargain. I wish that I'd bought more now, but I was a preoccupied with shades of yellow. They are so pretty.


I wanted to post more pictures, but I'm having trouble. You may recall I'm hopeless with technology. Well it was a sheep. With a funny expression. 

Oh and I've just watched 'Lost In Austen' on Netflix. It was brilliant. I can't believe I didn't watch it before.

Stay warm!

Leanne xx


  1. I love the way you described your day with Ollie, watching him play happily while the house was tidy and quiet. Those little moments are pure heaven.

    I like your plants and planters - what a bargain. And yellow paint too, my favourite colour! ;-)

    Gillian x