Sunday, 10 March 2013

Please Forgive Me But

This post is pure self indulgence. A reminder of the week that has past. Starting today and working back. I snap away with my camera. Recording everything it seems. Suff that catches my eye. Stuff that will become tomorrow's memories. Everyday stuff in abstract.

I hope one day the children will look at this record, and see that it was them at the heart of it all.

Leanne  xx


  1. We will be walking in your footsteps a week lady. Virgin street .. And can't wait
    Kindest regards linda

    1. Have a lovely time. Look out for a harassed woman with toddler and dog! xx

    2. That was supposed to read a week today not lady! You might see me snapping away at all my favourite spots. My brother lives in Bunkers Hill for a lot of the year. Hope the sun shines for us all

  2. I would love to visit there! How beautiful. I love the houses, especially that white one your son is standing near. I enjoyed your pictures very much.

  3. Lovely pictures of your beautiful local area - you are so lucky to live where you do!

    Nothing wrong with an indulgent post, especially on mother's day. Looks like you were very spoiled.

    Gillian x