Wednesday, 9 January 2013

52 Weeks of Happy - 5/52

But first a catch up..........

I have had a glitch on my blog since the weekend. I don't why, what or how but Samuel fixed it in about thirty seconds this afternoon. I could have cried with joy!! I have missed this space.

Lots has been going on in the garden. Marc and Gramps did fix the pond this weekend. It was dirty work, but the end result is a deeper pond, which once again has a fully functioning mini waterfall and fountain!! We found at least thirty frogs and toad hibernating under the tarpaulin, and I felt rather cruel plopping them in a bucket.

They were rather surprised, but Olly loved looking at them. Some were very little and some were huuuge. I was struck by the fact that many of them were probably born in our little pond. Hopefully they haven't been too traumatised, and will soon be happily spawning away in a month or so.

I have spent my gardening centre voucher that I had for Christmas on some half price shrubs and lots of lovely seeds. Next week I start sowing seeds in earnest and hopefully germinating them in the greenhouse ready to plant out from March. Watch this space! I've also ordered lots of gorgeousness from Sarah Raven. I got a bit carried away with the tempting offer of a 15% discount if I spent thirty pounds. I mean business this year!!

The bulbs that I planted in Autumn are growing away. Alfie told me that I had planted over four hundred bulbs. I didn't believe him until he showed me the numbers on the empty packets. This is what happens when you stock pile I guess......

Which leads my to joining in with Tales from A Happy House with a week's worth of happy.

elaine pamphilon

Lelant Beach.

Olly and I walk Honey here at least twice a week. On this particular day the beauty of the place was breathtaking. I don't always notice, because I am concentrating more on Olly. He tends to look down and see the little stuff - shells for example - and I am grateful to him for that. I took this picture because I happened to look up and over towards Godrevy Lighthouse. How can it not make you feel happy?

Song Thrush.

For the past couple of months I have started to put out wild bird food. I love birds. When I was little my Dad used to look through 'The Birdy Book' with me and my sister. It is an old book that Dad must have picked up somewhere. It lives in my bookcase now. I was fascinated by the illustrations of the birds, their eggs, their feathers and their nests.

One of my favourite birds is the Song Thrush, so I was thrilled when I saw two sat on the fence the other day. They are always being chased away by the very territorial Blackbirds, but the one flew down under the utility room window, picked up a snail, broke into it and ate it. The last time I saw this I was on holiday in Devon when I was about ten. I've never forgotten it. They are beautiful, and not as bold as other garden birds. I get a kick out of knowing that they visit the garden.

Garden Centre Haul

I've posted before about my love of cards. I bought some lovely ones today. I'll never be able to afford some of the gorgeous artwork out there, but I can afford a card. The broad beans and tomatoes will be sown next month. I only grew and ate broad beans for the first time last year. Oh my goodness, but there are lovely. Grow some of your own. We all grew a broad bean at school I'm sure. They are easy, have a beautiful flowers, and the children will love splitting the pods open and picking out the beans when you harvest them.

That's the happy. What's made you happy this week?


Gillian at Tales From A Happy House, has told me that 52 weeks actually originates from this lovely blog. So all due credit for a fabulous idea. When the cup is sometimes half empty, the happy can remind you that actually it's half full. If tht makes any sense at all!!  xxxx


  1. That beach looks amazing - you are so lucky to live near the coast!

    I feel I ought to point out that the 52 happies thing is actually Jen's idea from - it's so great that so many people are joining in! If you visit her blog you can add a link to yours, i think - I'm sure she'd love to know you're enjoying the 52 weeks project.

    Gillian x


    1. Gillian,

      I have sent a link to Little Birdie, and put in a postscript above.