Thursday, 3 January 2013

52 weeks of Happy - 4/52

I think I've missed a week of the happy. But then I'm not even sure what day it is at the moment. Holidays do that to me.

Anyway joining in with Tales From A Happy House, here is this week's happy.....


Once again I am stockpiling for my cutting garden and annual boxes. I loves packets of seeds. I love the picture on the front, showing the promise of what's to come. I love ripping them open, and finding the little sealed packet within. I love the seeds themselves. All different shapes and sizes, just waiting for a bit of earth, some water and (hopefully) sunshine. I love that I went to the garden centre and they were selling old stock off cheaply, and now I have some more!!
Toy Trains
Or rather how happy am I that I didn't spend a fortune on Olly's presents this Christmas. It's not that I'm a cheap skate, but it's the old trains of his brothers and the wooden track that he has returned to practically before the day was over. He flits between them, his box of old cars and his crafty stuff. All children are traditionalists at heart, aren't they?
Laetitia Maklouf
My gardening inspiration. Her two books have inspired me to get out in my own garden, and I return to them again and again. I love the way that she writes. I love that her garden is not much bigger than mine. It's a realistic picture of what can be achieved in your humble plot. She has a website and writes a little column here, too. These books have brightened up the last couple of days, as I dip into them once again.
Kate Bush
I have always loved and admired Kate Bush. I have had this song on my mind for a little while. It's a beautiful lament. It's a love song in its' purest form. This song, for me, is perfect. It's not a happy song in the traditional sense, but it makes me happy to know that songs like this are out in the world. Press play, close your eyes and let it wash over you.
So there is this week's happy. What's making you happy this week?


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  2. Great happy things Leanne! I love seed packets, I think the packaging is much prettier than anything I can grow myself - sadly I am not very green fingered.

    For my son's birthday last year I bought a load of second hand brio trains at an NCT nearly new sale for about a fiver - he adores them and they saved me a fortune!

    Gillian x