Monday, 5 November 2012

Pure Shores

Back home after an unexpected dash up the line to Bristol.

Did you miss me?

It wasn't an appropriate time to be snapping with the camera.


Is blood thicker than water?

When does loyalty end and taking sides begin?


Lily Allen.
Paloma Faith.

This evening we wrapped Olly up for his first night out to see the fireworks. He was very excited. He fell asleep. Slept through the bangs and the oohs and aahs. Still sleeping now.

I had to cut Olly's hair today. He no longer has baby curls. They are now on top of my bedroom dresser. We spent a lot of the day out in the garden. Tidying. Bulb planting. I picked the very last of the Cosmos, and added Bay, Ivy, Red Robin and Mistletoe (I think), which I plucked from a bush on the way back from the shop.

It is good to be home. No drama. No surprises.

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