Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Design For Life

The landscape of West Cornwall is diverse. It is famous for those beautiful beaches, and I am privileged to walk along them almost every day. But I also love the winding lanes, the hedgerows, the farmland, the rural aspect, the flora and fauna, the boulders, the sky. I love exploring this aspect of my home.

I found myself at Trencrom today. I wanted to take a photo from the top of the hill, where you can see from one side of West Cornwall to the other. Olly fell asleep en route, and so I took photos from about three feet of the car. There is still colour in the landscape. There is a stark beauty in the pared down sculptural shapes that remain from summer. It was serene and beautiful.

Also book group.

My favourite place to be on a Tuesday evening.

Next month's book is "Extra Virgin: Amongst The Olive Groves of Liguria" by Annie Hawes.

Very much looking forward.

Perhaps you'd like to read it too.

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