Thursday, 8 November 2012

There and back

Listen, it could rain at any time. I have to pootle while I can. With my boy. And sometimes Mum.
Swimming followed by a trip to Apple Tree Cafe. I read about it in 'Cornwall Today' - a community run cafe, that does a bit of arts and craft too. There was a table of ladies knitting. They stopped to look at Olly and me as we fell through the door. It was all rather spooky. The coffee and walnut cake was lovely though. Mum gave it 7 out of 10.
I am nervous of places and events set up for the 'community'. Do they serve their whole community, or just a little part? Does it get hijacked? Is it accessible for all? In my little fantasy world, I run a cafe that caters for people in this way - child friendly, relaxed, offering groups and clubs. But as my Mum pointed out to me today, I don't live in the real world most of the time. I took it as a compliment, although I think I was being scolded.
The Apple Tree Cafe is about a mile away from Lands End. Near the home of Claude the deaf cat.
Next stop, St Just. People in St Ives get very hoity toity about it ( and also Cambourne), but it's got a nice feel. I see nothing wrong with St Just. We found a great bric a brac shop. Olly was fascinated. He kept smiling at the lady, which is unusual. I regret not buying the extra large mixing bowl. But I did buy some cheerful plants for the doorstep - 60p each.
The drive home along the coast road is always stunning. The colours were earthy and mellow. Olly was entertained by all the animals he saw out of the car - sheep, horses, cows, chickens, ducks and dogs. We sang all about the sailor seeing what he could see. I stared up wistfully at the house I shall buy when I win the lottery.
A good day.
I am lucky.
I know that.

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