Friday, 28 September 2012

"It is a truth, universally acknowledged.."

Lelant Beach.

The colours were phenomenal today. Acid greens and yellows. Streaks of blue and grey, purply pink whites.

The wild plants are setting seed or dying back, but I think that's when many of them are at their most beautiful. It reminds me of Lucienne Day or Angie Lewin, who take inspiration from seed heads and natural forms. I admire the abstraction that they can create. I take so many snaps of seed heads and sun bleached "bits of twig" (as my husband calls them).

The sand dunes that lead down to Lelant beach are full of interest at this time of year. Yet more Blackberries for Olly and Honey to scoff. Lots of insects to watch. There was hardly anyone on the beach, and the weather was beautiful. Olly and me made a train track and found loads of shells. The boy has so much energy fizzing around his little body, that I need to exercise him every day or he becomes a naughty monkey. 

Today was one of those perfect mornings with him. And this afternoon he was chilled and played with his trains, while I got on with the mundane side of keeping the house ticking over.

What are your plans for the weekend We plan to go sloe picking. I want to make Sloe Gin for Xmas. I hear it's yummy!! Whatever you do, have a good one!! xx

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