Thursday, 27 September 2012

"Reader, I married him."

I seem to have talked about it a lot, and written about it in my gardening diary (yes, sad, I already know). Today I actually did the deed. I took several cuttings from various shrubs in the garden. I read my Carol Klein book 'How To Grow Your Own Garden,' took a deep breath and............

All done in about five minutes.

The book said that they would droop, due to the trauma. They have. Eek! It seems that all I can do is water and spray and hope for the best. It's a bit hit and miss, although I suspect that experience and skill have their part to play in any successful cutting. I wish I lived nearer my Uncle Alan. Ace amateur gardener, patience of a saint. I'm sure he'd love to impart his wisdom. I'd gladly be his pupil. (Apart from weeing in a bucket and pouring it on my cabbages. I'll leave that to Olly).

I am going to do some more over the weekend, and you may see me plucking bits here and there around St Ives. There are some lovely succulents growing next door to my Mum that I'd love to get my secateurs on.

If even one of these cuttings take, I shall be over the moon. Fingers crossed!

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