Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wica to Zennor

Ingredients for the perfect walk:

A flat footpath.

Plenty of Blackberries

Sloes (for the gin)

Ancient cattle grids

Gnarled and twisted trees and bushes

A haunted house

A witches castle

Cows, calves and beetles

A field of sweetcorn

Wild flora and fauna for Mum

A cop of coffee and a sandwich at Zennor Backpackers for Dad & Gramps

Millionaires Shortbread for Alfie & Olly

Running, chasing and hiding games

Scenery that takes your breath away


Park up at Wica Farm. Put your pound in the honesty box. Follow the path to Zennor. Play games, tell stories, collect fruit from the bushes along the way.

At Zennor, visit the museum and church (make sure you draw a mermaid in the book). Have a pint in The Tinners' Arms, or better still go to Backpackers and eat delicious homemade goodies whilst snuggled down in squashy sofas.

Allow the children to kick off their wellies and play the picture pairs provided, while you look at the paintings for sell.

Amble back the way you came, slower this time, with a full tummy and weary children. Explore the witches castle and haunted house. Drive home in Betty with two extremely chilled out children.

Spend the rest of the day relaxing, smug in the knowledge that although it may now be raining, you had the most fabulous day out.

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