Tuesday 5 June 2018

Ten Random Things

Hey friends,

It's been a funny old day, and I'm sat here thinking about life, the universe and everything. And wondering whether I'll ever cut the mustard as a fully fledged parenting adult. It's a roller coaster of a ride that's for sure. From chugging slowly upwards, to the white knuckle free fall beyond. I sometimes think that maybe it's because I'm not proactive enough. Or I didn't attend those parenting classes when I was expecting. I cold shouldered the NCT, and didn't much enjoy the competitive parenting of the toddler groups. Or maybe I'm just too soft, and let the boundaries slide from time to time. Perhaps I'm just a knackered Mum juggling those parenting plates, and letting one fall to the floor with a smash every now and then. I may start a support group; The Mums Who Occasionally Drop A Clanger, But Carry On Regardless Because That's What You Do When It All Goes To Rat Shit.

Anyway, some random items from life here in the far South West for your perusal.

  • We are at what is euphemistically known as a 'Mexican Stand Off' with the purchase of The Wink. The current owner is unwilling to pay for a mining survey, and has threatened to take it off the market and sell at auction instead. I'll let you know when there are further developments. Suffice to say, it is all very frustrating.
  • While weeding the garden last week, I dug up David Tennant. Not the David Tennant - that would have been wholly bizarre - but a toy Dr Who David Tennant. I'm not entirely sure how he came to be buried in my borders, but he's had a wash and is now hanging out in the living room.
  • I was given my staff discount card on Monday, and there isn't anything that I can justify buying. I'm really cross with myself and my sensible attitude. I thought I'd have been frenzied with retail lust. I may buy a frock to wear to Sam's graduation. It's blue linen, and sits below the knee. I'm not keen on my knees so it would be perfect.
  • We have a baby seagull on the roof, and every time I get in or out of the car one of its' parents gets very agitated. They swoop and squawk in a circular fashion, letting me know that they aren't at all happy with my trespassing on their property. They also poop a lot on the car and the windows of the house, which I'm sure is a deliberate tactic to drive me out. The baby gull is flip flopping precariously over the roof at the front of the house. Olly has named it Colin, which suits it. He has the look of a Colin, if you know what I mean.
  • Sam is home on Saturday. He's asked for a curry for tea. And that there be lots of food in. To be honest there's usually lots of food in the cupboards on a Saturday, because I tend to go shopping on a Friday. And it's usually all gone by the Sunday. After that the boys open and shut the cupboards in a desultory fashion, muttering under their breath about there being nothing good to eat, while I mutter under mine that there would be if they hadn't eaten it all.
  • I'm still thinking of getting a little tattoo. Just a teeny one you understand. Perhaps a little bee popped somewhere inconspicuous might be quite nice. You may already be aware of my tendency to procrastinate, so expect to read about this potential tattoo in a ten random things post in about five years time.
  • In order to earn some cash, Olly has devised a chores list. I have to pay him 10p for cleaning out Zeus, 30p for tidying his room, 10p for tidying the cushions on the sofas, 20p for vacuuming the house and 20p for washing up. I admire his entrepreneurial spirit. He has yet to do any chores and thus earn any money, and so I continue to plump the cushions.
  • There was great excitement last week in the garden, as I spotted my very first crab spider. I was watching a bee doing its' things on one of the foxgloves, when it scuttled sideways across one of the bell shaped flowers. I shouted for Olly to come see, and we marvelled at it together. I did try and take some pictures, but they weren't very good quality. Olly asked that I tell you, CT. He was delighted!
  • The snails and slugs have eaten all my cosmos. Bastards.
  • Cherry has stopped working at top Co-Op. I am very sad about this. She always made me chuckle. She wore frosted pink lipstick and had the best permed hair this side of the eighties. She used to wear a Slendertone to work. It was permanently strapped around her mid-drift. She was very kind and considerate to the elderly customer. She wore her slippers behind the counter, and for that alone she will always be my style icon.
Here's to a random week of loveliness for you all,

Leanne xx


  1. Sorry to hear 'The Wink' purchase has a glitch and hope it's ironed out asap. Cherry sounds like my kinda gal, there aren't enough of them in my opinion. My daughter has just trained as a tattoo artist, she's good, but it wasn't the career I had in mind, hey ho. It does mean that I will now be getting bit of inkwork done, like you somewhere very discreet, probably a butt cheek, if it's not too painful in that location.

  2. Love the title of your potential support group - I think my girls are probably too old now, but I'd have joined like a a shot when they were younger! There's a reason that house moving is way up on the stressful list - hang in there. I applaud Olly's entrepreneurial spirit - vacuuming the house sounds like an absolute bargain. Looking forward to seeing your tattoo! xx

  3. Got a tatoo last year Leanne just after my 67th birthday-it’s my birth sign and it’s proudly visible on the inside of my left wrist. Most people were horrified, but as it was on my bucket list, I could not give a flying fox!, Go for it! Gorgeous photos as always.

  4. I think about another tattoo sometimes, and a bee is high on the list of possibles. Your first paragraph - I wrote something very similar yesterday. I suddenly realised I haven't actually taught the children anything useful yet and time is ticking by. There is money available for chores here, but still no-one seems keen on doing them. Easier to sit on one's arse doing nothing apparently. My knees are a horror and never see the light of day. When we stayed in Cornwall a while back there was a baby gull on the roof that some of us were very attached to. We called him Gully. In fact we still have his photo. Cherry sounds fabulous, I do love a little colour and individuality. Sitting here nervously killing time while the dog has his Operation. It turns out he is all of my heart. And they are cutting him! Such betrayal by those he loves the most. Oh I am being so overly dramatic I know. I shall work my way through it. CJ xx

  5. Loved your post. It is so evocative of how life is isn't it? Some good, some not so good ,the weird and the wonderful. The Wink problem is so sad, but the seller needs to recognise that the property won't sell for a good price without the mining survey....As to the staff discount you so remind me of a similar experience- when my husband is away for work I think 'oooh I shall treat myself to one of those nice ready made meals from M&S'; then I wander around the store, nothing takes my fancy and I come home and cook myself pasta instead. My student sons will soon be home from uni so the cupboards will be depleted, the shopping bill will double and then some and the house will be full of odd abandoned socks, shoes and crumbs. Still I can't pretend it will anything other than lovely to have them home again. Keep on keeping on.

  6. I would join that parenting club. It turns out we eschewed the exact same things when our young folk were tiny. Bummer about the Wink. What’s yours won’t walk past you... super excited you have your very own crab spider! Tell Olly: Brilliant! From me xx

  7. Hello my friend. I enjoyed reading your post this morning. I am sorry you have to deal with a stubborn Wink owner. It does seem silly to potentially loose money in auction when a simple solution is at hand. Parenting is a difficult one. I like to find my own way and have not done any parenting classes or NCT or competitive parenting. We even abandoned antenatal classes.... I remember once being told by a fellow parent that poor Alistair (her words) was the only child that didn't have a parent attend the French Cafe. It hurt. I was there actually, just one hour late. Anyway, what I am trying to say is that what works for you is what is good for you and your family. Your parenting may not be perfect by yummy mummy standards but your boys are a testament to your loving and caring relationship with them. I aim to be an ok mum more often than not and I think that is just fine. There is something unhealthy about perfect cbeebies parenting, beautiful on the outside but I can't help thinking there is something rotten behind closed doors, nobody can be that perfect. Right, must pretend to do some work and then I'll spend a while gazing into my empty cupboards (food shopping on Monday, food emergency on Wednesday). Lots of love. xx

  8. Hello lovely I’ve got info relating to your mining survey issue as my husband is a building surveyor. Just tried to find your number but it’s vanished! Please give me a call and we can have a chat x

  9. I would so love to be that fly on the wall watching your life tick by with all the things that you and yours get up to. Oh how well do I remember the 'there's never any food in this house' when you've just got back with 10 bags of shopping when what they really mean is there isn't any junk food in this house because this nasty mother won't buy it. I do hope you get sorted out with The Wink I know how much you were looking forward to getting in there and putting your stamp on it.


  10. Ha ha ha you make me laugh Leanne your so funny . they don't know how lucky they are but they will realise once they leave home .it's the hardest job in the world being a mum and even when they have flown the nest with families of their own it's still hard work .I'm praying the ''wink 'will be yours soon.right I'm off to get ready to take my grandaughter on a steam train today .and that's the easiest job in the world Leanne .grandchildren are delicious !!! You have that to look forward to .take care lovely xx

  11. Cherry may have distant relations living in Leeds. Up until only a few years ago there was a tiny old lady with a vintage 60s beehive hairdo working on the tills at our local Co-op. It was a magnificent dark brown creation, at least a foot tall. She wore it with poise and panache.

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