Wednesday, 19 June 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 28/52

First things first. Thank you. No really, thanks ever so. For all your kind and supportive comments this week. It has meant a lot. And you are right. Of course you are, you clever people. The right place will come along at the right time. When it does it will be fabulous. Until then I intend to enjoy what we already have here, which is pretty good I must say. And hello to those of you who pressed the button, and joined. Is it wrong to get such a kick out of it? Does it massage my ego just a little bit? It can't fail to can it? It makes me feel good, so thanks. Again.

So I've finished my morning chores, am drinking tea and enjoying the peace and quiet of the house. Olly is at nursery today. Oh boy has he driven me to distraction this week. It's as if I've force fed him his body weight in E numbers. Bouncy, but not in a fun way. Not settling and clamped to my side like a limpet. Yesterday we went for three walks, just to curtail his energies. Up with the lark this morning (let me be with this 5.15am pleeease), demanding train tracks and yogurt. So I can't deny it, I am quite happy to see the back of him for a couple of hours today!


Happy things from the week. Joining in with Jen at Little Birdie.


The conservatory/playroom finally got it's third and final coat of paint at the weekend. The blinds went back up, and I had a happy hour or so of putting stuff back and re-arranging the place. Pottering heaven. I'll be honest, I was unsure about the hit of colour I'd decided upon. The whole house is white. I have stayed away from colour for several years. But I love it now. It's such a sunshiny happy room. This room works hard. We use it all the time. And I've finally been able to put my new oilcloth on the table. I bought it this time last year. Hooray!!

A Good Book

This month's book group read. It's good. I mean seriously good. The sort of good you want to savour. The sort of good that is so good, you feel a little in awe/envious of the talent behind it, and the mind that it sprang from. How happy am I that minds like these exist.

Fresh bed linen

Freshly laundered. Freshly ironed. On the bed. Can't wait to get in this evening.

Skip Find

I don't know about you, but I always seem to be reading articles where the person furnished their house from skip finds. I don't know where these skips are. I've never found one. Until last week. Olly and me were returning from a walk with Honey. Three houses up from me there was a skip in the drive. This chair was perched on the top. I know!! It's mine now. And yes I did knock and ask "may I, please?" Now do I paint it, or live it as it is? What do you think?

There you go. Happy things. Happy, happy, happy.

Leanne xx


  1. Such a lucky find - I too wonder where all these skips are.

    I do know they are quite hard to paint, but I guess it's all about personal taste.

    Good luck,

    Nina x

  2. Wonderful find, lucky you. I never find any treasures in skips either. One day maybe... Love your conservatory. Hope you had a nice couple of hours peace today. I know how hard little boys with too much energy at 5.15am can be.

  3. Hi Leanne, I have never found anything in a skip either!! I always have an irresistible urge to go back in the dead of night and have a good old rummage. Your chair is lovely, are you going to paint it or anything?
    P.S. I really love your conservatory too.It looks lovely and bright and sunny.
    PPS there is nothing to beat getting into freshly laundered sheets, I have just brought our bedding in off the line and theres a fabulous smell. Cant wait to hit the sheets!

  4. What a great chair to find in a skip - the only skips I see are filled with brick rubble. Your newly decorated room definitely has a seasidey feel to it and I love your pretty bedlinen.

  5. I really love the colour of your conservatory and it works so well with the blue sideboard and the blue chair. What a lovely space you have created there!! It is so hard when our little ones have so much energy and we don't know how to get them knackered, hard work! I really enjoy Margaret Atwood's books, so thanks for the reference here. As for skip finds, I have to confess I have been very lucky in the past, but my oh my you have found a gem!! That my dear is striking gold. Lucky you!! Enjoy your lovely and clean bedlinen xoxo

  6. Great happies! I think I'd leave the chair in it's original pink/gold - what a fabulous find!

    1. Hello Jay, thanks for stopping by. I think I am going to leave it in it's original state. It reminds me of a similar chair that was my mother in law's

      Leanne xx

  7. I love your yellow walls, it makes for such a warm and sunny space. I too wonder where these magical skips exist for I've certainly never seen one. The chair has "good bones" so would be lovely repainted with a new cushion cover, or just left in it's present state. xx