Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Summer Underway

Greetings friends,

How are we all? It's the first day of the school summer holidays, and as is the usual tradition here, Olly and I are doing bugger all. He's been allowed to play Minecraft on my phone for as long as I deem fit. Obviously he's thrilled. I have already had a little garden potter. I saw a few ladybirds, deadheaded a couple of geranium plants and thought about a bit of weeding and pulling up of spent blooms. The seagulls are going berserk on the roof, although Colin fledged and flew a couple of weeks ago. We have a wren nesting in the palm tree, and Geoff the wood pigeon is hanging about too. He sometimes brings his mates over, but I think he's having a quiet one too.

St Ives has been basking in the heatwave, and anyone here on holiday has enjoyed amazing long summer days, and humid sultry nights. There has been a lot of pink people parading along Fore Street. A lot of talk about the weather too, that usually starts with the refrain "I'm not wishing the weather away, but..." I have to say I'm not a fan of hot weather. I don't cope. I get, well, hot. And bothered. Not a great combination for this menopausal woman I can tell you. Today is no exception; wall to wall blue skies and steadily soaring temperatures. Luckily our house is cool in the summer months, and I enjoy opening all the doors and windows allowing the fresh sea air to blow through. It also makes for a fair few pesky flies, but you can't have it all.

The garden has suffered during this prolonged hot weather. Lots of frazzled plants, and where once was green lush grass is now mere brown scrub. Despite that, we've been treated to lots of lovely visitors. Several different butterflies, including ringlet, meadow brown, gatekeeper, comma, peacock, small tortoiseshell, all the whites and red admirals. Moths too. I've been dutifully looking them up in my moth guide book, and getting all excited about them. We have some solitary bees living in and amongst the crevices. And a rat made an appearance for a day or two. He was seen off by next doors cat, Skarloey being far too elder statesmanlike to personally manage his estate. He just lay there, flicking his tail and pretending not to notice.

We will be at Welfield a little while longer than we thought. The mining survey on The Wink, threw up a few issues that are being dealt with by the owner over the next couple of months. And because of this added delay, our buyer pulled out last week. We've decided to hold off re-marketing our house until the long holiday is over. August is the wrong month to sell in St Ives anyway. It's mostly holidaymakers that view properties, locals being far too busy to even think about moving. We were quite gutted when we received the news last Thursday, but have dusted ourselves down and are being positive once more.

I had a text from my Mum yesterday with the words 'DIGGER AT THE WINK!' She writes all of her texts in capitals. I'm not entirely sure why. To be fair, she's only been texting for about three months. Olly taught her how to do it. Me and my sister never thought we'd see the day, but perhaps you can teach an old dog new tricks. I am heartened that Mr Jones has indeed got his backside in gear. We've been told that he's quite a difficult character, although I'm sure I could charm him given half the chance. I spend my days at the shop charming the husbands of the ladies who are trying on 'just one more dress, Derek.' We have a chair situated at the front of the store for weary other halves. It's very well occupied.

Sam graduated last week, which was all rather wonderful. Lots of laughter and happy tears. I unexpectedly came over all emotional whilst watching him being helped into his gown and board in the robing room. Marc had to dash off to get me some tissues. A huge swell of pride just got hold of me, as I sat watching him. I dicked about when I was at University, and didn't appreciate the chance to immerse myself in my studies, so glib was I about my own education. By contrast, Sam has been diligent and worked so very hard. And held down a part time job to save money for his trip to the States. He earned his degree the right way, and I couldn't be prouder of his work ethic and how the past three years have shaped and moulded him. He's back to Liverpool in September to study for his pgce, but is back home now and I'm relishing it. Although I could do without the added mess, and my food bill has rocketed already.

Anyway, the next cup of tea beckons. As does some constructive house stuff. There are beds to be made, floors to be vacuumed and loos to be scoured. And I quite fancy an evening swim in the sea too. Have a lovely day.

Leanne xx


  1. We break up at lunchtime today - then we have to stay for buffet lunch and speeches from leaving teachers. Then I am RUNNING home and kicking off my shoes and doing bugger all for a few days! In a year's time, you will have forgotten the pain of moving, when you are in your fabulous new home. Mark my words.

  2. Ooh I’m so envious of your sea swim. I would love to be in the water right now. Fingers crossed for the Wink. Am sending you all the right vibes. And congrats to Sam on graduating. I can’t quite believe it’s already done- I remember him going so clearly. Happy holidays, chick xx

  3. Lovely post - shame about the delay in selling your house but these things are sent to try us! It WILL happen, in it's own time. I for one hope the heatwave lasts just a little longer because I'm headed down your way for a few days next weekend. Enjoy your lovely summer with Ollie, and having Sam at home. I'm sure Alf is enjoying the break from school too. Your mum sounds great, fancy learning something new at her time of life! Love Mary

  4. The summer is being utterly glorious isn't it. Although as you say, a bit hot at times. I have taken to a deckchair at the side of a cricket pitch and cannot be moved. I am calling it parenting. I hope all sorts itself out with the Wink. I feel you and it are destined to be together, somehow it seems to have exactly your sort of personality. Sam sounds like an amazing young man, glad you get to enjoy having him around for a while. Gorgeous photos today. The green of number 4 has quite taken my breath away. Wishing you and Ollie and Sam and Alfie a fantastic summer. CJ xx

  5. Enjoy the holidays, Leanne. There's nothing better for relaxation than a bit of pottering about in the garden. The heat is getting to me too but I love all the blue sky and sunshine. Your photos are glorious.

  6. I'm sure it will all work out with The Wink in the end - and it will be all the more precious because of the delay. Far too hot here too at the moment, although they have promised thunderstorms for tomorrow - I can't wait! Enjoy having all your boys at home. xx

  7. Our children have only two more weeks now, and my daughter starts back to work on 13th August! Love the photos-think I may have purchased some goodies in the bakery you showed. Glad to hear you are enjoying your job-it’s a lovely shop. Sorry about The Wink, but better now than later, and I think you are right to have withdrawn your own home from the market. Enjoy the school holidays and very well done to your eldest son.

  8. Sorry to hear your buyers have pulled out and there is a delay in buying 'The Wink.' It doesn't seem that long ago that Sam was going off to Uni, it must have been such a proud moment for you both! Hope Olly has a wonderful summer holiday! Sarah x

  9. This looks like such a beautiful place to visit, these photos are incredible. I love the beach! Thanks for the share, have a fantastic rest of your week. Keep up the posts.
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  10. just catching up in blogland, love reading your posts! your boys are so grown up now...Just sent my Sophstar off to secondary this morning! 1st day there~ think i was more anxious than she was~ And she walked alone no 'mummy' by her side *sniff * a text saying she had arrived at school phewww!...We usually go to st.ives during August, But we've decided to head down there this month instead when its less busy. Love it when its a bit more peaceful around devon and cornwall...even our little town next to dartmoor seems to have had truck loads of day trippers this summer~ all good for local traders though. Anyway better hop it, im busy applying for full time positions now i have sopstar at big school. x

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