Thursday, 19 June 2014

Take A (rather self indulgent) Tour

Well hello to you. All well? 

I haven't posted since my what to wear dilemma last Saturday.

My evening out was great fun. In the end I thought 'sod it' and wore jeans, a smile and absolutely no make up. To be fair I never wear make up. I look like a man in drag when I do. It's my colouring. Or so I like to tell myself. Anyway as Linda sagely advised; we weren't there to check each other out. We met up to eat, drink and be merry. And perhaps be a tad shrewish....don't judge me. I blame the gin.

I rather feel as if I have neglected my blog this past couple of weeks. It's on my mind a lot, and I have sat at the computer in order to post. But I've been rather stumped. What to write. Not sure. I mean stuff has been going on round here. The usual. The mundane and humdrum. But also some gorgeous snippets too.

The main reason for lack of posting, is the weather. Glorious in West Cornwall. Wall to wall sunshine. And most of my time has been spent out of doors in one way or another. I've even been wearing shorts!! By the time i finally come in from outside, it's getting late and I'm just putting the house to bed, before wending up the apples and pears myself.

Anyway this is a post of pure self indulgence on my part. A little tour around the garden. I wanted to record what it looks like at the moment. It's looking lovely, and there is so much more lovely about to burst forth. The dahlias haven't even made an appearance, and the snapdragons are just gathering steam. So feel free to scroll through at a fast pace. I don't mind. Although I have tried to include an au natrel picture of the garden. Washing on the line is a constant here with three boys.




I actually love any garden tour post. I am always struck by how every garden it totally different. It's always inspirational for me to see how other people have designed and planted out their gardens. Mine is rather ad hoc and round the edges. It's not large. It's very suburban. I'd love acres and vistas and a wild flower meadow and a kitchen garden and a massive pond......

We are off camping this weekend. So have a lovely weekend everyone.

Leanne xx


  1. Your garden looks lovely in the light. Pretty flowers.... washing is a constant here too :-) xx

  2. Hi Leanne. I love your garden post, the photos are stunning. I am glad you like all garden posts because I just took loads of pictures in mine! I don't wear much make up, some mascara on many days. I would actually sometimes like to put on a bit more but just don't know how to. The weather is glorious in Scotland, too. We spend very little time inside because you never know how long it is going to last. Have a great weekend camping. Christina xx
    P.S. I noticed that you can't be contacted by email. Do you have a contact email or do you prefer not being contacted?

    1. Hey Chistina,
      I'm not sure why my email isn't in show, as it's no secret.
      intrigued why you may want it now though :) x

  3. Your garden is beautiful Leanne! Your roses are especially lovely, the peachy one is stunning! It is great to take pictures while it is at its best to remind you during the rest of the year what greatness you achieved. I never wear makeup either, it looks odd on me as well, I always blamed my technique! Oh, and the first flowers are out on the anemones that you sent me earlier in the year. I was very excited! Hope that you have a great weekend camping. xx

  4. It's looking beautiful and I love your Echiums.. very Cornish!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Your garden is looking very pretty. I wanted to do a similar post myself, but the sun went in this afternoon as I got my camera ready! Maybe tomorrow.
    Have a great time camping. x

  6. I loved the tour around your garden it is looking so lovely. Thank you for all the hints so useful, I will text you to make arrangements. Have a lovely time camping at the weekend. Sarah x

  7. Your graden is looking so beautiful Leanne. I still have completely bare flowerbeds...hopefully will recify this oevr the weekend. As for make-up I hardly wear any either. My interpretation of the smoky eye just makes me look bruised!! Have a super time camping. xx

  8. Oh it's lovely, so many beautiful flowers, you have done well with it all. That white rose is perfection. Are those courgettes on their way to the allotment? I love the last picture of your little man's wonderful hair against the plant leaves. He's an outdoor boy I think. Glorious weather here too. You will know when I've arrived in Cornwall as the rain will begin. CJ xx

  9. Your garden really does look beautiful and yes I love seeing garden posts too. You have a wonderful selection of plants. Have a great camping weekend :)

  10. Lovely photographs! Do you know what the white flowers are in the tenth photo down? I picked some the other day but they had a strange smell! Your garden us smashing!

  11. Fantastic flowers, what a beautiful garden you have leanne.

  12. Your garden is beautiful - I LOVE the Astrantia, quiet, undemanding, pale green opening to white, up next year again with no bother, lots of people have the pink version but I love yours (and I used to have it too, in a previous house) so thanks for the reminder. Enjoy your weekend Leanne and your family and thank you so much for the tour of your lovely garden.
    My dog, Bella, has just had puppies, and has decided that the safe and clean whelping box in the house is ok for the pups, but her precious toys have to be presented to me each morning, covered in mud where they have spent the night safe in her den, behind one of my flower beds. Another year where my garden has been trampled down by a dog!
    How are your sweet peas going? Mine are about 18 inches high now and I'm just beginning to hope for flowers soonish, maybe in a week or two. Love Mary

  13. Jackie, forgive my presumption to answer for Leanne, but my post was about those same white(ish) flowers in picture 10. They are Astrantia, either major or minor!

  14. I love garden tours too if only to ooh and ahh over all the beautiful plants that some day I may aspire to grow for myself. I returned home from a 2 week holiday in the early hours of Saturday morning so today has been a laundry day and tackling 2 weeks of unwanted growth in the garden.
    Enjoy your weekend and enjoy the sunshine, it's been a glorious day here too in my part of the world :-)

  15. If my garden looked like yours I'd show everyone round it too!! Gorgeous pics and lovely flowers!! thanks for sharing. I've been a lurker on your blog and have now finally had time to linger long enough to follow along!! Don't worry about being out and enjoying the sunshine and neglecting your blog - I think that's quite normal and healthy!!! Mine is certainly less active in the summer months!! J9 x

  16. You are allowed to be as indulgent as you like, it's your blog my lovely! I will just admire the flowers and gaze adoringly at your borders. You have a beautiful garden. I potted on some of your seeds today. The nigella and cornflowers. (Angus killed the others...long story). They all look a bit wispy and insubstantial but fingers crossed something glorious will happen... xx

  17. Yes, I love garden posts too. And house posts. And posts involving bookcases. Lovely photos, Leanne. So nice to have discovered your blog.