Saturday, 14 June 2014


  • Battered Blue
  • Playing games
  • Sun
  • Rock Pool
I meant to write this post yesterday, but then I surprised myself by getting caught up in the Spain v Netherlands game. Oh and I did a huuuge pile of ironing that had been sulking in the utility room. I know, ironing on a Friday evening. But it's done, and I can concentrate on more fun pursuits. Like going out with the girls this evening. It's National Gin day today, and I intend to celebrate.

This week has seen me in nature nerd heaven. We have a family of Rooks nesting in one of our chimneys. There are Seagulls in the other. This week, the baby seagull has hatched and the baby Rooks have fledged. Pops and I have watched the Rooks' Mum and Dad encourage their brood further and further from the nest. They fly in a circle, using several houses as landing posts. I think that today is the day that we say farewell to them for good. We can hear the baby seagull, but not see him. I really hope he doesn't fall off the roof. Remember Tony? We've been treated to Hummingbird Moths in the garden too, although I've not been quick enough to take a photograph sadly. But I did have some success with the Small Blue above. This was taken over Gwithian Towans while walking the dogs this week. Again I couldn't get a picture of her with her wings open, but the fact that I got her at all pleases me. She looks a bit battered, bless her. Looking like I feel at the moment.

Olly has discovered the joy of the board game in a big way. We play endless Shopping Basket and The Rocket games. We start playing it very early in the morning (the above photo was taken at about 7.15). If I'm honest my heart always sinks a little when he advances game in tow, but I love the giggles as we play, and the fact that he doesn't mind losing. He is very good at taking turns, and when we both only have one item on the shopping list to find (which is not engineered in any way at all), we have lots of fun turning the pieces over as quickly as we can to see who can find their piece first.

Aah sun. So much sun this week. Hot sun too. Being able to sit outside from early until late. I'm not a sun lover per se. I don't like to sunbathe, and if it gets too hot I will retreat inside. But this is my kind of hot. Pottering hot, if you know what I mean. The Honeysuckle is looking good too. Actually the whole garden is looking rather fabulous, even if I say so myself.

On Thursday, Olly and I had our first official visit to the school he will be starting in September. Although Sam and Alf both attended, it has changed a lot. There are new teachers (a very good thing) and lots of changes in the way that the school operates. I am hopeful that it will be the start of a great learning adventure for Oliver. Sam's time here was not a happy one, and Alfie suffered from a mother's anxiety on the back of that. Olly enjoyed himself, which is all that matters. He will be a Puffin when he starts. He is in the same class as his friend Finn. That's enough for him. Anyway before all of that, we popped to the beach for the morning. Because we can. Olly got rather too brave in the sea for my liking, and so I suggested we look at the rock pools. The colours of those pools was exquisite. There were lots of different types of seaweed, and many anemones. Olly never tires of poking his finger in and watching them grab hold with their tentacles. I never tire of rock pools full stop.

We have another busy weekend. It starts with dog walking in about five minutes (I am dog sitting for my sister in law), followed by cleaning Gramps' holiday let. There are haircuts, gardening and 'what to wear this evening' dilemmas. I hate trying to decide what to wear. Do you? I'm out with the glamour pusses this evening, so I shall probably be having a breakdown at about 6.30. I used to love getting ready to go out. Now, not so much.

Have a great weekend everyone. Tips for clothes to step out in, in which you can feel comfortable, cool and funky all at the same time are much appreciated! Think Claudia Winkleman, but without the advantage of fabulous hair. That's the look I love.

Leanne xx


  1. enjoy your night out! I have no tips. whenever I go out which is very rare I resort to a clean pair of jeans and a shirt instead of a tshirt...........

  2. We watched the game here too, and now some of us are extremely grumpy and will not be allowed to stay up late ANY MORE. There was a baby seagull on the roof of the house we stayed in in Marazion last year. We called him Gully and cried when we had to leave him. Well, I didn't, but the bird lover did. I hope you have a fantastic time tonight - two nights out in a row, lucky you! I'm sure you'll look fabulous. Enjoy! CJ xx

  3. I used to love spending hours getting ready too. Now, I have decided the best action is to do it really quickly, avoid any critical thoughts and actually know that people want to see you not what you are wearing. Quirky,surfy must be good in St Ives?
    Lovely happy pics.

  4. I enjoyed this Happy post, Leanne! Reading about Olly and the constant game playing sure brought back memories. With my oldest two boys it was Candyland or Snakes and Ladders. Both games seemed to go on forever, but they loved playing so much it was hard to say no to another game. Have fun tonight on your girls night out. I'll refrain from giving any fashion advice. You read my recent post on my retro hippie vest, so you should understand why I have nothing to offer. :-)

  5. I want to dive into the sea RIGHT NOW.

    Thanks for the tip re National Gin Day (not that I need any excuse, but for today at least that's a good one to wield). I love getting ready to go out (probably because it doesn't happen very often). I would wear a dress (white stuff/ white company), a flimsy floaty cardi, pair of heels (ballet pumps if I was walking any distance), and some silver jewellery. Have a lovely evening x

  6. Hi Leanne. I am a hopeless dresser I am afraid and won't give you any tips but I do hope you have a fabulous time. I think I am going to postpone the .National Gin Day celebrations, I feel nauseous from last night's party. I know that sinking feeling when the games come out... I am sure I have played shopping list for at least 100 years, the rocket game a bit less. It is ok once the game is going I think. I am glad Olly has his friend to start school with, it makes such a difference to have a wee pal. Hope you won't have a meltdown at 6:30. Cxx

  7. I hope all goes well for Olly at the school. My daughter is starting "real" school (kindergarten) in August. Her brother will already be there, three years ahead of her, but she's very different from him at this age and I feel a little nervous. I love her teacher, so it will probably be fine, but I've never been very good at letting go. I hope you have a good night out. I used to love getting ready too, especially in school when we'd be drinking in the hallways but it's not the same nowadays. Mostly I worry about looking completely exhausted before I've even left the house.

  8. I Hope you have a great evening. I think there is a common theme that we used to love getting ready to go out - and now it's not so easy. Surely we should feel confident where we are in life - but sometimes it's easier said than done. Have fun x

  9. It sounds like a good week, I hope that you are enjoying your weekend. xx

  10. My goodness Leanne, Olly starting school in September? You are sure going to miss having him around during the day but there will then be plenty of 'me time' for you.I am sure he will love it and they definitely get to the stage where they need school too.

  11. BigR starts school in September too. She's really ready for it I think (probably more so than me) and our visit is this week. Hope you had a lovely time and enjoyed the weekend :) xx

  12. I can only echo others and express my disbelief that Olly is starting school already! And that I hope you overcame the clothes dilemma and had a great night out :)

    I do love a good rock pool! I need to move closer to the sea!

  13. Hi Leanne, I just wanted to check that you got my email sent a couple of days ago, there was something I wanted to ask you. CJ x

  14. If in doubt, go for cleavage. If you've got good boobs it scares people, even the glamorous ones. I am always underdressed. It is a very Yorkshire thing to get massively overdressed for all occassions (think basque tops and heels for a curry on a week night) and so I am used to being the one in jeans and flip flops. I bet you looked gorgeous and I hope you had fun. x

    1. Ha ha. Sadly I am not as blessed by cleavage as I am by bottom. And yes I well remember girls from the North dressing to impress. Funnily enough they look quite incongruous down here tottering along cobbled streets in high heels ;) xx