Saturday 22 June 2013

Nature In The Home

This week, a gift.

Last year I  took on two ten day old chicks from the Infant school. We named them Beryl and Jean. Their names suit them. I love my girls, even though they are naughty, greedy and a bit daft. They are very tame and love a cuddle. They are inquisitive and always rush to greet me in the morning. They will strip my plants bare given half the chance. They have escaped countless times, but always come home to roost. I have pulled my hair out with their shenanigans, but they have also made me laugh. A lot.

They present me with two beautiful eggs every day. I will never get used to the excitement of finding these eggs in the coop in the morning. These eggs help to make a simply divine sponge cake. They make perfect poached eggs. My quiches have never tasted better.

These eggs are a gift. The humble egg. So versatile. So good for you. So enjoyed.

Joining in with Lou's Nature In The Home series.

Leanne xx


  1. I would love to have chickens.Sadly we have no room in our garden for any and it wouldnt be suitable being mostly pebbled and raised beds.If we move again I will (garden permitting) do my best to get some. I bet its wonderful going for your own eggs on a morning.You dont get fresher than that!

  2. How lovely to have chickens and their eggs. I want chickens too. We're seriously considering getting some, so I may call on your for tips and advice.

  3. It must be wonderful to have fresh eggs every day. We have visited one cottage many times in Devon where the owners have chickens and their fresh eggs is always a highlight of our stay.
    Sarah x

  4. Wonderful. I would so love to have chickens, but the time is not right at the moment. Maybe one day... Eggs are a gift indeed, they look lovely.

  5. What a lovh gift of nature! I simply love chickens and we have been umming and ahhing whether to get chickens for well over two years and then last Christmas we got so far as to order four hens and a coupe, but my hubby got cold feet as he is afraid that it will bring rats to the garden. I'm still working on him. What's your experience with rats, any?? Also not so sure I like the idea that they will eat all my plants, yikes! We eat so many eggs in this house, but I can't ever imagine that I will tire of getting fresh eggs in the morning, such a wonderful gift xo

  6. I want chickens SO MUCH but our garden is just too small, and you've made me want them even more now! x