Monday, 23 June 2014


Happy things from the past week. Joining in with Gillian. Late. Always late.

  • Veg from plot number 10
  • Midsummer
  • Natural Beauty
  • Cushion love

So my allotment is in it's infancy. I have planted runner beans, sweetcorn, courgette, mange tout and squash in a small part of it. The rest is a thistle wilderness, until I get my butt into gear and strim, rotovate, cover it and let the worms do their thing. Even so, this patch of cleared earth is still bigger than the little veg patch at the side of my house. I have picked and eaten my first crops. Some lovely green and yellow courgettes and these Mange Tout. My goodness it tastes good!

I mentioned in my last post that we were going camping, and I think I'll post about the trip this week (it was great). I didn't know that it was the longest day on Friday until I looked at my calendar. To be honest I don't really go in for all that celebratory stuff that surrounds Midsummer. I've always thought it a bit, erm, twee. However it really doesn't get any better than sat around a proper camp fire, and watching the sun go down. The boys just loved the whole experience. And so did I.

I've not doctored the third photograph at all. But it just takes my breath away. I mean, how beautiful are the colours? How stunning are those Foxgloves? How amazing to live in a world where stuff like this exists?

And from the sublime to the ridiculous. Here's the thing. I hate the cushions that live on my sofas. I hate the sofas. I don't really hate them, you understand. But I am bored of them. Too brown. Too autumnal. Too Laura Ashley. So I am a woman on a mission. To procur some bright young things to take their place. These were brought at Sainsburys' and Cath Kidston. Both reduced. One ridiculously so. My happy cushions.


I have been trying to catch up with all of your posts. One downside of going away for the weekend, is that you end up playing catch up with everything. The laundry, for example. It never ends. And Samuel managed to use every bath, hand and tea towel in the house while we were away. He didn't have a party though*. Phew.......

Leanne xx's 

*I know I would of. I did in fact. Sorry Mum, but it was because of me that your Royal Doulton lady got broke in May 1987. I was dancing to Run DMC's 'Walk This Way' and it doesn't pay to do that after half a bottle of Malibu.


  1. You are so funny. I wish I had a good story as to how I broke the wing tip off this God-awful porcelain eagle statue my mother had. The truth is that I broke it *while dusting* the living room. But I was still afraid to tell her and I'm not sure she even noticed. I love the cushions. Cushion covers are two of the things I bought at IKEA, actually. I had to order cushions on eBay because I couldn't fit them in my bag, but I've been feeling the same about the horrible kilim-pattern pillows on the family room couch...which were thrown in free with the previous couch, which was sold in the bargain basement of a crappy furniture store when we bought it for a song in 2001. Camping looks fun. I have the same exact chairs. :)

  2. What lovely photos, those foxgloves are utter perfection. You're right, it's a beautiful world. Those mange tout are looking good, I'm so glad you have some produce from your allotment, it makes it so much nicer to visit when there's a change of something to pick. We had a rain shower here tonight after days and days of dry weather - it's quite nice when everything's watered for you. A shame about the Royal Doulton, it's the coconut that does it. Hope you've had a good start to the week, CJ xx

  3. Hi Leanne. I have brown sofas that I find boring. I now really would like a purple one. Or the colour of the foxgloves, which are truly stunning. You know, I can just see you dancing around the living room in 1987, the Royal Doulton as pretend microphone maybe? I was just to dull to do anything fun like that. Campfires are just grand, I love it how the smell hangs in your hair for days, even if shampooed. Have a lovely week. Christina xx

  4. Your pictures are fantastic, Leanne! My favourite is your two boys around the campfire, but the foxglove is a close second. Your new cushions are great. I could alway send Fergus over for a visit if you would like them to have a "well used" look about them. :-)

  5. Gorgeous piccies Leanne.

  6. Glad that you had a good time away!! It looks as though you had fun around the fire. The picture of the foxgloves is so beautiful!! xx

  7. Oh my word, that foxglove photo is AMAZING. Get it printed and framed. It's just glowing with golden summer light. I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend away in your campervan, and you know I am actually very jealous! Excellent cushions too, I do love a new cushion. xx