Monday, 6 January 2014

A Doing Weekend

This weekend has found me furiously writing 'stuff to do' lists. So far I have three of them. A house one, a garden one and a misc one (I love a good misc list). The tree came down today, and the decorations were packed away. I know that some people feel sad when they do this, but I feel a sense of purpose. The Christmas holidays are all about topping and tailing in this house. I do the bare minimum I can get away with.

But once the decs are down and the tree has been recycled, I look forward to the year to come. It starts with those jobs that only get a thorough going over once a year - clearing out the cupboards. More specifically the kitchen, utility and under stairs cupboards. I cannot tell you how awful they are. I have been starting to open doors, stuff things in and shut quickly for fear of falling debris. So it has to be tackled.

The next things is carpets and oven. They need to be professionally cleaned. I am a complete slob when it comes to the oven. I rarely clean it. I just forget. So I entrust it to those nice men that come around with their powerful steam cleaning equipment. The carpets also need cleaning, because although there is a no shoes upstairs policy in this house, I often flout it. I have been known to absent mindedly run upstairs in my wellies before now. My excuse, such as it is, is that I am forever transporting stuff up and down the stairs, so just don't have time to kick off my shoes every five minutes.

Oh and I have decided to buy  mop and bucket. I have spent too many years on my hands and knees washing floors. I feel it's high time that I treat myself to some cleaning equipment that allows me to remain upright, rather than on all fours as if I was a staff member of Downton Abbey. I hate washing floors, almost as much as I hate the ironing. But I also like the end result. And that remains my eternal housework dilemma. Do I not iron the tea towels, but then shudder when I open the drawer to see a crumpled pile of cloths? Do I leave the floors for weeks, but run the risk of stepping into something indefinable and sticky?

I have decided to have a yard sale in March. The loft is jam packed with toys, clothes, baby furniture and the like. I have not thrown anything away since having the children. I could EBay it, but to be honest I can't be fussed with taking a million photographs, and working out postage and multiple trips to the post office. So I shall go through it all Lego block by Maisie Mouse puzzle piece. Anything broken or too tatty will go to the tip/recycle centre. Anything that will still come in handy for Olly will stay. Everything else will be sold. And anything left will be got rid of as well. I'm not sure what we will do with any money made. Any thoughts?

I feel ruthless in January!!


Thank you all so much for your kinds words of support and friendship on my last post. You are all so lovely. I'm really not a very brave person. Far from it. I'm a good actress. I can stand on any stage and act the fool or give a speech. I can hide behind a clown's mask, and make you laugh. But underneath it all I'm going like the clappers just trying to stay afloat.

I will hold what you all wrote close to my heart, and help it to bolster me while I make tentative steps towards seeking out new opportunities and adventures.

Another Fledgling Garden post will follow sometime this week, and it's all about the seeds!

Take care,

Leanne xx


  1. It sounds like you know exactly what you need to get done to feel accomplished and organized. I love to make lists, I could do it all day (which isn't exactly healthy). I want to have a yard sale too, but I actually think most of what I'd get rid of really needs to go straight into the trash. So much old junk. I find that the charities are getting pickier these days too; about a year ago, I tried to donate some furniture that we had been using ourselves literally the day before (we got some new things) and they said it was too old and worn for them to give away to people who had recently been homeless. I thought it was still pretty good stuff but maybe I was very, very wrong. :)

  2. Darling Leane,
    This was a lovely post, so full of hope and determination! I am like you, when I take down my Christmas decorations I feel like the house is "cleaner", maybe I feel that way because of less clutter, clutter drives my brain batty, like I don't even know how to clean or where to start! I have to tell you that I didn't even know you could have an oven professionally cleaned! I have never cleaned my oven, I'm lucky that my exhusband would do it, and now... well I don't have a husband so I'll have to do it myself, I don't even know what oven cleaner to buy! I can't afford to pay cleaners, I save every penny to travel!
    Your photographs are absolutely gorgeous and your son... he's so very precious!
    Much love you, I hope you have an amazing New Year, full of peace, hope and health!
    Tammy x

  3. I hope that the clearing out and sorting out goes well Leanne, we all have times when we need to do that, and cupboards and drawers like your description - my drawer in the desk, the filing cabinet and my desk all spring to mind!! I think that you should put any money you raise towards your surfing lessons or something similar that will be a fun thing to do. You never know, you might find some lost treasure in all the stuff in the loft!! xx

  4. I feel exactly the same at this time of year. The decorations came down today, the tree went to the recycling centre, and now I have lists of things to be decluttered. I have masses of stuff to go too, and I have been meaning to do a table-top sale for months, but they are just never at a convenient time. So I've taken the decision to just take it all to charity shops. It is time to clear the decks. The top room and the garage are the worst areas. Let's not mention my oven. I hope you sale goes well. With the money you should buy yourself a pretty piece of jewellery which will last so much longer than clothes, and a tree for your lovely garden - fruit or nut. If there's any left over take those sweet boys out for a slice of cake.

  5. good luck and best wishes with your plans. Can recommend steam mops for floors, work well and dry quickly, better than a mop.

  6. stay ruthless! cant wait to see what unfolds xxxx

  7. Leanne, thank you so much for your comment on my blog, I love to hear from you and I love your blog.
    I did take ballet as a girl but had an evil teacher who thought chubby girls should not do ballet. Annie's ballet teacher is lovely though and runs classes for mums, even chubby ones, no leotard and tutu (although the tutu might hide the hips!). It is just an idea but one that has been coming back for years.
    I too crave quiet but I am definitely the loudest (unless Annie has a pre-teen tantrum). Funny, I just switched from mop to knee... for the bathrooms at least, just can't be bothered carrying a bucket up the stairs. I sold some old Thomas the Tank Engine sheets on Ebay once and ended up paying to sell them because I got the postage so terribly wrong.... Cx

    1. Oh dear Christina! I have a picture of that horrid ballet teacher in my head. You do make me laugh xx

  8. Now that everything has gone I'm dying to clean the house from top to bottom as it just feels full of post-festive dirt: pine needles, fluff, dust, you name it we have it. But now I've gone back to work with a stinking cold. I think the cleaning will have to wait until the weekend. Groan! x

  9. I've been gripped by a post-Christmas fever these last few days too. Lists are good, I like a good list. I plan to "deep clean" the kitchen tomorrow. Joy. I actually don't mind mopping the floors - I love the way they look and smell so clean afterwards. But the oven - oh, I loathe cleaning the oven. Think of me while I do it, won't you? x

  10. I hate cleaning the oven so much so that I have Expert Oven Cleaning coming at the end of the week to deep clean it. It's not worth me even trying anymore.

  11. As you know it's been much the same here, non stop sorting and cleaning, but oh my no mop!!! What's that about?? High time indeed for a mop, enjoy purchasing it. I am also pretty useless at the oven and I was looking at it thinking mmmm a need someone to do it for me, but for now with little pennies that will have to wait. I have to add that I felt so liberated when I finished the under stairs cupboard, which is also our pantry. I still have heaps to do, but boy it is just so satisfying when it gets done. Ps loathe ironing too!!! Xoxo

  12. Nice read. Wishing you a happy new year Leanne.