Monday, 4 November 2013

In The Eye Of The Beholder

It's almost impossible for me to walk along the beaches of West Cornwall, without stopping to pick something up and pop it into my pocket. I'm a born Magpie.

I like collections too. For a while it was Razor shells I looked out for. Then pebbles shaped like hearts. This summer has seen me pick up pebbles that remind me of a speckled bird's egg, and those with stripes running through them.

I'm not sure why this caught my eye. I think it is rather beautiful.

It reminds me of the pump houses dotted across the Cornish landscape. A reminder of it's tin mining heritage. Beautiful beacons of a bygone industry. Iconic.

I put it in my pocket and walk on.

Joining in with Lou's Nature In The Home series

Leanne xx


  1. I can't walk past a piece of sea glass without picking it up. The best things turn up on a beach, Ah, I miss beachcombing... x

  2. i see a mother pulling her two children to her! i collected stones with circles on them all summer xxx

  3. Like Gillian, I always have to pick up sea glass. I haven't been on a beach in ten years but if I were to go, that would be the first thing I'd look for.

  4. Before I read the end of your post I had already thought it looks like the building at a tin mine. Lovely. I'm a magpie too, and the boys always find stones and feathers and things. When we get home from a walk I have to empty various bits out of my bag. I found lots of sea glass the other day, in fact we have a jar at home with just sea glass in it.

  5. I think I may be a magpie, better than being called a hoarder, ouch. I love pebbles and stones, I can see why it called out to you :) xx

  6. Sea glass, hag stones and smooth flat pebbles with stripes for me....that's when I can get to a coastline......sigh :(

  7. I like picking up things too, but my daughter is the champion in our house she is always filling her pockets. That stone does look some much like the tin mines close to you.
    Sarah x

  8. I always collect things too, it's all part of the outing. A pretty collection xoxo