Thursday, 7 November 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 44/52

I don't know about you, but I am dog tired today. Book Group = late night = bit teasy in the
I am feeling tetchy. None of my clothes fit (it's that time of the month). I want to go out, but I don't want to go out. I am in a state of high procrastination. So I'm firing off my happy for the week, to settle my mood and break the day's circle. As always joining in with Jen.

I love the colour of the sea at this time of year. Different colours - slate grey, black, green, blue. And silver, my favourite. When the sun is low in the sky and skims across the surface of the water. This was snapped at the harbour on Saturday, after a lovely family lunch. The boats have been pulled up onto the beach. There are few tourists, and a lone seagull enjoying the view.

Since the cake stall, I have craved very savoury food. It must be an antidote to all that sugar. Cheese, ham and pickle sandwiches. Yum.  I enjoyed every mouthful!

Book Group. I had a glass of wine. We had a lively discussion about this month's read. It's one of my monthly highlights. I have made some good friends, I always have a giggle. I love book group.

So I was reading this post on Oyster and Pearl singing the praises of an Orla Kiely designed top. I ordered one straight away. A reasonably priced and funky base layer to wear at rugby matches, walking the dog and as an extra layer in the evenings. I have worn it almost constantly (it dries quickly after washing too. Bonus).  I'm thinking of getting the other design and maybe buying one or two as Christmas presents.


Right the coats and hats are on the table ready to be put on. The plan is to take Olly and Honey to the woods, buy some fruit (Olly is into Pears) and then come home and prep some meals for the next couple of days. Marc is home this evening after being away for ten days. We have all missed him.

See you later alligator!

Leanne xx


  1. Have a wonderful time with Marc. I like Orly Kiely too, but don't really own anything of her designs. I wish I could find a book group to join, I think I would really enjoy that.

  2. Book group sounds wonderful, I'd love to join one. Sorry you're feeling a bit grotty. My little man loves pears as well. I do think he and Olly have much in common. Hope you had a lovely walk. The top photo brought back a happy memory of sitting almost exactly where you took the picture, all of us on the edge of the harbour, in the scorching sun, eating a picnic lunch. A happy moment.

  3. The idea of book club really appeals and so does this months book. It looks like my kinda read, was it good?? I love that top so I will be joining you and ordering one very soon. They are so reasonable. Live the photo if the sea and beach with all it's grey tones, very calming. Hope you're enjoying some time with Marc this weekend. Much love xoxo

  4. Those Orla tops caught my eye too! I like the look of your sandwich very much. Ten days without Marc - that's a long time for all of you. Hope you're having a lovely weekend. x