Thursday, 12 September 2013


Living in the far Southwest of the UK, the weather is mild for most of the year. It's quite rare to have frost and snow. What we get is rain. We get a lot of rain. All types; a sharp shower, a heavy downpour, fine rain, misty murky weather. It's like that here today. What I like to call 'wet rain' - a fine relentless drizzle that seeps through your clothes, laughs at your hair do and gives the world a grey, sodden look.

I'm looking after the dogs this week while my sister in law watches her daughter graduate from University. They need to be walked, whatever the weather. I didn't really fancy it, truth be told. I have the beginnings of cold, and wanted to hunker down at home, occupying myself with a bit of pottering and a bit of baking. In between playing trains with Olly.


So we went out, but not before I realised that Olly has grown out of his wellies and his rain coat. He insisted on wearing his Crocs anyway, and I felt terribly guilty about his less than waterproof attire. He didn't give a fig "Let's pick Berries Mummy!" So we did.

Up the lanes in a circular route, through muddy puddles. Well why dodge them? We found lots of Blackberries. "Look at this beauty!" Olly exclaimed and he snaffled handfuls. We found a bush near his nursery with huge juicy fruits. They tasted delicious. The dogs had a walk and a sniff about. They were happy. Olly and me poked about at snails climbing up grass, and he chattered away about this and that.

We got home and kicked our shoes off at the door. Olly insisted that everything was wet, even his pants, so off it all came. Our treat for braving inclement weather? Pink milk a la Charlie & Lola and a Kit Kat. Snuggled under a blanket on the sofa.

This morning was a taste of things to come.

This afternoon we are going shopping. For wellies that fit, and a nice new waterproof coat. Olly wants pink ones........

Leanne xx


  1. Brilliant... I hope he gets them. There are not enough sensitive men in the world ! ... In my humble opinion .

  2. Go Olly. It is very annoying that girls have completely hijacked pink. My little man quite likes pink too. He begged and begged for some pink bunny ears a while back. I almost nearly did buy them for him too. I was outside with my camera this morning as well, capturing water droplets on leaves. It's that kind of day here as well.

  3. I love Olly. He is just delightful and he makes me laugh. He must be a really fun kid. It's wet here too, or it has been and will be again soon. I'm enjoying it very much because it's very novel for us.

  4. What a wonderful way to spend he day,buyer perfect. Love little Olly's sweet face, he is such a cutie. Enjoy your weekend with mark back and hope the cold is out of the door before you know it and you feel a little better. Xoxo

  5. Ah you can't beat a good outdoor walk followed by some blanket snuggly time! x

  6. They grow out of things so quickly, and you never realise until you put it on them and need it that day! Ha ha. It sounds like you had a great day, and rainy weather is much more fun in crocs.

  7. That sounds a great way of sending a wet day!
    Sarah x

  8. I always think it's almost worth getting wet so that you can have the pleasure of coming home and getting dry and cosy again. Ollie really does sound like a total gem. xx

  9. boys in pink weelies! the best thing ever! beautiful photographs xxxx