Tuesday, 10 September 2013


The day starts chilly. Sunny, but with a nip in the air. The nights are drawing in. It's dark by eight o'clock. Lamps are switched on, cushions plumped up. The boys snuggle into their pj's for the comfort factor alone.

Another reason to love this time of year. I gather everything in. I feel an urge to nest. I change the rooms around to reflect their change in use. I look at different recipes for baking and meal times. The return of soup and stew and apple pie.

I wore boots on Sunday. And socks.

The air smells different too, don't you think? I think our neighbours lit their fire the other evening. I could smell the woodsmoke as I put the chickens to bed.


Do you ever walk past other people's houses as it's getting dark, and take a sideways peek at what's going on inside? A snap shot of life indoors. It has fascinated me since I was a little girl. I would often go outside and look at where I lived. As I stood outside looking in, I saw my home and family cast in a different light.

I still do it now. Every now and again I'll go outside and look in at where I live and spend much of my time. I notice how it looks - the colours and light and shade. I can see what everyone is doing. They are sitting or passing through the room. Sometimes the television is flickering, and sometimes my family are together as a unit. Talking, smiling, (maybe arguing).

When the nights draw in we congregate. Round the table instead of the barbecue. Sat on sofas instead of patio chairs. Under granny blanket, instead of on top of picnic blankets.

Leanne xx


  1. It does feel more like Autumn this week. I even walked through lots of fallen leaves and my boots have gone on too! I have to admit I like have a peek through windows too. When I was at school I would always look at one house that fascinated me!
    Sarah x

  2. I did that all the time as a kid and I still do it. Back then, it was more in relief that I wasn't in there with them because it wasn't a happy place but now as an adult, I love to look inside at my family. I've worked hard to have a peaceful home and it feels good to know they're usually happy in there. I like to talk a walk in the evening and see neighbors in their homes too. One of my favorite times is Halloween night, when we trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with our kids. I love the little glimpse of a neighbor's home you get when they open the door to give out candy.

  3. NO FRIGGIN WAY!!! I DO THAT AS WELL!!! i have always done it, even as a small girl, i would adore night drives home from family days out, and i would gaze into windows lit up as we drove. loving glimpses, i still do it today! can't believe you do it as well! x

  4. Isn't it wonderful that a change can bring so much good and yes I also get a bit twitchy about changing things indoors and making it feel more seasonal. There is something so lovely about walking at night, I have many a fond memory of this and I keep dreaming that it will happen again one day. The best bit of course is to have a good old descreet stare to see what you can see inside other people's homes, something you just can't do in the summer! Pj's and sofas, sometimes I join mine and I love it! I just want to say today how much I love your blog Leanne, it's just my cup of tea!! Happy day lovely lady xoxo

  5. As much as part of me doesn't want to let summer go, I do love my boots !
    Last night I threw my crocheted granny blanket over the bed( too lazy to put the duvet back on after it's summer break...but it will be on tonight!).
    I love to stand outside and peer in at my lamplit rooms...always have. I used to while away a long bus journey in the winter,by looking in at people's rooms if they had lit up and not closed the curtains ...you could see a lot from the top deck,especially at the bus stops...and stare for as long as the bus remained stationary,without being caught out :)

  6. A beautiful post Leanne, you have captured this moment in the year perfectly. I love the cosy look of a lamplit home from the outside. Wonderful.

  7. What a wonderful post, and photo too. Yes, I love getting home when the nights draw in and turning on the lights and getting cosy. I too am changing around bits and bobs as the seasons move forward. It's nippy here! I've resisted turning the heating on so far but they fire has been on.
    Oh - I forgot to say before - I've never made sloe gin but I definitely enjoy drinking it. More fun than jam, that's for sure! x