Monday, 9 September 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 38/52

Hello lovely people. Here's hoping you are all fine and dandy.

I write this on an endorphin high after my first run in a VERY long time. What better way to get back into it than a run across Porthmeor Beach on a beautifully sunny Monday morning. It felt good too. Running again on Wednesday....

I am a little behind (ahem) in my blog reading this weekend. I'm hoping for a lovely catch up with you all this evening. But I have to say a big thank you to everyone who have read and commented on mine this past week. And I'd also like to thank Annie for my goodies that arrived at the weekend - the chocolate went down very well with a glass of Merlot on Saturday evening (I did share. Begrudgingly).


So happy stuff from my week. Been an odd kind of week, truth be told. I have been caught out with earlier than usual school routines, lunch money requests, the return of homework, school uniform to be washed and ironed and most other things really.

Anyhoo joining in with Jen and her lovely series.

The 'Little Wonder Cafe' pops up from time to time at the end of Penzance Promenade. As you can see it is a divine bijou caravan, which sells tea, coffee, cake and yummy veggie snacks. I can recommend the coffee. My Mum can recommend the cake. Kitsch and very cute. I want one to play in.

As you may know, Marc works away during the week. Saturday mornings are therefore slow affairs in our house. We take our time, relaxing with cups of tea and catching up. We loaf in the bedroom with Olly (Sam and Alfie have stopped loafing with us. Boo). Olly misses his Daddy. He is all chat, chat, chat and play with meeeeee! It is lovely to watch. It's lovely to loaf with them.

Olly has taken to crafting Al fresco. It warms the cockles of my heart seeing him at play this way. It was a bit blustery on this particular day, and he did finally abandon the idea. But not until he'd created a couple of masterpieces.

One final happy. There are no photographs, but I would like to share the sheer happiness in having diy Marc around the house this weekend. The summer holidays have seen the boys lay waste to numerous parts of the house, including the cutlery drawer in the kitchen (Alfie) and one of the living room curtain poles (Olly). Marc set about fixing and putting things right. Just one of the many reasons why I love my man - he is so handy with a screwdriver!

A busy week ahead. Olly has the beginnings of a cold. Sam has cracked public transport. And Alfie's legs are definitely getting longer by the day.

See you later!

Leanne xx


  1. It sounds like you're having a good time. It must be wonderful when Marc is at home; my husband travels a bit for work and I'm always relieved when he gets back. He'll be away in Florida for most of next week and I'm already lining up ways to keep myself busy. Good for you going for a run! That's awesome. I despise running but my husband is a runner; I wish I could learn to like it more.

    1. I am learning to like it more. It's free and I can go out first thing in the morning, get it over with and get on with the day! xx

  2. Lovely photos Leanne. Your time together as a family sounds great. We always remember that magical time when the children were between about 3 and 10 as being wonderful When they actually strived to be with you and thought your ideas exciting!. Marc and Olly look great together.

    1. I miss my older two jumping into bed with us. We bought a bigger bed just for that purpose. xx

  3. Lovely happies and lovely pictures, especially the one of Olly and Marc. Well done you on running. I always think I must go and then never get around to it, so maybe you will inspire me. I did suggest to my eldest that we go together, as he needs to build up his fitness for the coming football season. I'm thinking tonight..?

  4. lol now just how can you make the screwdriver comment sound a little naughty! lol! your olly looks so like busby...i have said it before, but dont you think? love that caravan...i want one as well! go girl with the running...will have to start my friday run the week posts again! what do you think about the idea of another linky on the flight platform for running? x

  5. Firstly a massive high5 for getting that first run done and already planning the next!! There is something so satisfying about doing something you havent done in ages, and also actually enjoying it. That pop up cafe looks the bizz, I certainly wouldn't mind a cuppa from there I have to say, it looks like the perfect place to park. Little Olly looks so very happy and so so cute, I am sure his Dad must be over the moon to spend some time with him and the rest of the boys over the weekend, and it must be rather lovely for you to just loaf with them all. Isn't it amazing what damage kids can do to the house, I always amazes me. Unfortunately for me, my doh is not that gifted with the old toolbox (per se), well not with his proper one anyway (;-)), but I completely get your appreciation for it. Hope you have a good run tomorrow again lovely. Happy week to you xoxo

  6. Hello Leanne, I've been following your lovely blog for quite a while now, just haven't commented before. A huge well done for starting your running again..hope you decide to occasionally post about your runs ....that would make your blog near perfect for me as I love your gardening posts,your gorgeous family pics, I adore Cornwall and am a recent convert to running !
    I live in France, but am rather landlocked and I am a coastal bird at heart, so I get my 'fix' here :)
    Lovely to see your number of followers creeping up over the past few months...and well deserved too.Your blog is a treat to read and a visual delight.
    Keep up the running....such a fab mood booster I find. Right , I'm off now...I've rambled enough.
    Best wishes from the Charente :)

  7. Lovely happy photographs and words. It must be wonderful running along Porthmeor Beach, hope it is sunny for your next run tomorrow.
    Sarah x.

  8. Well done on the running! I am dragging John out with me three times a week and we limp and puff around the streets of Leeds in a most unflattering fashion. But gosh I feel good afterwards! I love looking into people's front gardens, mainly.

    Loved your bramble jelly/hamper plans - I am attempting to make all my xmas gifts this year (what with us having no money and everything) and my dad, father in law and brother in law will all be receiving hampers of edible stuff which, if they have any sense, they'll pretend they're thrilled with. :-) xx