Tuesday, 3 September 2013



Brings change.

From school to college.

From Juniors to Seniors.

The last of the tomatoes and cucumbers have been picked.

The greenhouse has been prepared for the next batch of sowing - winter veg and salads.

Bulbs are being stockpiled for planting out next month.

Seeds are being harvested from the garden.

Lists are being written. Projects around the house, that kind of thing.

I find September a calming month. After the hurly burly of July and August, September is like inhaling a deep breath of fresh air. And then slowly breathing out......

And relax.

I can feel my shoulders extracting themselves from my neck.

I'm standing. Not stooping.

I'm de-cluttering.

I'm moving the furniture around ready for cosy evenings with curtains drawn.

It's not about hibernation. It's about a slower pace.

I need some new wellies.

Leanne xx


  1. Linda Gilbert3 September 2013 12:41
    Leanne.. I seriously Snt to enrol you into the "crafty" , "hooky" club!!!! Off to Barcelona next !!! Lots f love Linda
    Love your blog.. I love September too...you missed chutney making off your list xx

  2. I love the start of the fall. It doesn't really seem more relaxing when you think of all you need to do, but the routine seems more settled, like everyone knows exactly what they need to be doing and where they need to go, and that feels better to me.

  3. I know what you mean, September is a funny month isn't it, all about change. But your photos still look July-ish to me, look at that blue sky! I have loved that we had a bit of a summer this year, it makes September and the colder months that follow much more bearable! :)

  4. Lovely post. Yes, September is all about change. It always feels more like new year to me than January does. Gorgeous photos, especially the one of the seed heads. And I love your new blog header by the way. xx

  5. I have lists too, and I need to de-clutter. The boys went back to school today, and I'm feeling quite blue about the future. But I must press on and deal with it. Cosy evenings do sound nice. Hope you find some good wellies. And have a lovely week.

  6. Such a lovely post Leanne. I too love September and have been spending time preparing the garden for the next phase. I have collected seed, pulled up some garlic and I still have to invest in some bulbs to plant out for spring. You must feel a little choked with these big changes, one off to college and one of to secondary, wow!! I know for me I shed a few tears this morning when I dropped my baby off for her first day at Primary. These are big stages and aren't we blessed to be a part of them all. Enjoy the de-cluttering, mine will start in October as the first three weeks are staggered. I always find there is something very therapeutic about clearing out and moving things round. Sending you much love and wishes for a lovely week xoxo

  7. Everything is change... Maybe you prepare your garden for the late fall and winter session. I'm agree with you, it's not about hibernation. Especially for your garden.
    Get new spirit for the new session in the new season. Have a nice day.

  8. I love autumn too Leanne. I love your description of what it means to you X

  9. so sad this year to see summers end x