Thursday, 5 September 2013

Caught By Surpise

Oliver came home from nursery yesterday with this fantastic picture. His key worker, Selina told me how he had spent over an hour and a half working on his 'truck.' She had drawn the truck, and Olly pimped it. Then Selina pointed out where Olly had copied his name - you can see an 'o', 'v' and an 'i.'

Olly has bought home various pieces of junk modelling, sculptures and paintings since starting nursery. And he will often paint, glue and stick and get out the Play Doh at home. But he has never shown so much pride in a finished article as he did with this picture. He knew it was good. He knew that he had spent time on it. It now has pride of place on his bedroom wall.

Alfie started secondary school today, and I (like thousands of other Mums) took the obligatory first day at school photograph. Everything is brand spanking new, right down to the hair cut. I didn't get the swept over fringe exactly like the hairdresser did, but I know that Alfie thought he looked the business.

The shoes are scuff free, the school trousers sit just so. Notice the collar? Alfie's new school doesn't wear a tie, and I liked the way he arranged the collar over his jacket - a bit like an Italian. Uber cool! Alfie takes a lot of pride in his appearance, and you can tell from this picture that he liked what he saw in the mirror this morning.

Now here's a question. Which of these made me a little watery around the eyes?

Alfie was a little nervous about starting school today, but only about the mechanics of how the place operates. When will he know where to go for lunch. That kind of thing. So I know that he will be fine. He's a tough cookie, and he takes life in his stride. And although I have thought about him on and off during the day, I'm not worried. So I didn't shed a tear, it just felt completely normal waving him off to school.

Can you beleive that it was Olly's picture? Or more specifically the attempt at writing his name? I was blubbing like a fool. So I have a child in college, a child in secondary school and a child starting to form his letters. I wrote about embracing the changes that September brings, but I'm not sure I'm ready for Olly to change. Sometimes I think that here in the UK we push our children too young and too fast. He doesn't need to learn to write his name. But he has started his Foundation stage, and this will happen. And yes children are learning all the time. I know that. They soak stuff up like little sponges. He counts and knows his shapes and colours, and that's fine and dandy. But his name!! It all seems too formal to me.

What next? Losing his wonder of the world? Not wanting cuddle time? Correcting my spelling mistakes? Telling me that I have appalling hand writing? Raising his eyebrows to heaven when I make a joke?

OMG, he may never bake with me again.

(Seriously, am I the only one who feels this way)?

Leanne xx


  1. I loved this post! And I think Ollie will always want to cook with you. I have grown-up children who like to cook with me, and better yet, as they get older sometimes they even like to cook for you. Still, it is hard watching your kids grow up too fast.

  2. Hi, just popped in from Bunny Mummy's blog.
    My daughter is feeling just like you, she has 2 daughters, 3 and 1 years old. The eldest is starting nursery next week, and everything is changing very's a good sadness though isn't it??
    Take care

  3. Oh you're not, you're not. I really think they go to school too early here in the UK. Other countries start at 7, and they very quickly catch up and overtake early starters. I would love to have my littlest boy home with me for another couple of years. Please don't tell me that a day will come when he won't want a cuddle or to do some baking! Your big boy does indeed look sharp. Hope he had a good day. And that your little man enjoys it too. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, it means such a lot Leanne. Thank you.

  4. Oh my dearest you most certainly are not alone! I too feel that the UK pushes for a too early an education, but possibly only because I didn't start school until I was 7, which is a massive difference from 4, if only from an emotional developmental point of view. Olly's picture is amazing and to be honest I would have had a very good blubber about it if it was mine. The realisation that they are moving through these phases so quickly and especially with your last is a tough one to digest. There is definitely a big part of me that wants my kids to stay young and care free and to keep on believing in the magic they so love, but you know I am convinced I still believe and I so still love cuddling mum so you never know he might very well laugh at your jokes and get the ingredients all out ready for you to bake together. We have to dream that it will all carry on, but just get better. Sending you a big hug xoxo

  5. Maybe you have same feel like us mine. Sometime I feel so worry, cause my children looks grow up so fast. But I believe, they will (step by step) learn to know their new world, and be safe. Keep on positive thinking.

  6. I love the truck picture. Great that the outline was drawn and then Olly could finish it as he liked. It's given me lots of ideas! x

  7. no your not!! I feel like it as well! Busby started pre-school on Friday and he didn't shed a tear or even look up as I left! eeeeek!!!! that picture of the truck is AWESOME!! X

  8. It's so interesting the way each country has their own starting ages for School. Even within Australia, every State does something different. Here, my boys started Kindergarten this year, which is just 15 hours a week and Kids have to be turning 5 during this calendar year to attend Kingergarten. Next year is full-time school and they will be turning 6 and they are more than ready for that. LOVE his truck picture and Alfie looks SO handsome in his uniform - hope they all had a great start to the School year! Mel x

  9. Oh lordy, you sound like I did on Thursday!! Please can we pause time and keep out little ones at home FOREVER? I had to be talked down from the ledge by John as I sobbed my way back from school... I think we start formal education far too early in this country. I thought about keeping Angus home with me until he turns 5 next May for about two seconds then realised it would make his transition into school life harder not easier. But still, it's tough letting them get bigger. Ollie's truck picture is absolutely brilliant and I have to say Alfie looks very dapper in his school uniform. I hope his first week went well. xx

  10. Don't worry too much ... I have a 22 year old son who still values hugs and time spent doing things with Mum.

    And yes I agree we start formal education too early ... homeschooling was the answer for us but I know that's not possible for everyone.