Monday, 30 September 2013

Bad Head In The Morning

In a way I'm quite glad that the weekend is over. It was a good and bad weekend to be honest. I was not particularly great to be around. But then again neither was Marc or Alfie or Sam at times. Only Olly was swimming in calm waters. The rest of us...well.

And I hate it when that happens. Our weekends are precious. I suspect yours are too. So it's vital that to a man we are on top of the world, and just raring to go. I think that this weekend found some of us depleted, some of us low and some of us moody.

It felt like a hangover. 

Summer already feels so far away.

Leanne xx


  1. I felt really slow/low yesterday too.... Missing the family beat so much just now. Then went to Yoga this morning. Even though I had to drag myself there to fe honest and cleared the crap out of my mind. So been on a much better beat since. Hope yours catches up really soon.

  2. Sorry, Leanne. It happens to everyone, I think. Given my new status as a cripple, I'm feeling pretty low at the moment myself. I'd really like to be left alone to rest and not deal with anybody but that just isn't going to happen. I hope you're feeling better today.

  3. does it help to know i can sometimes be like living with a screaming Attila the Hun.....with hormones......and a hangover! it's life! hope your week picks up chuck, they normally do! you inspired me so so much with your seed foraging, i went on the explore in my garden and got totally hooked! Am doing a post all about it and will give due honour to you....see you were feeling crappy and somewhere in the UK you had totally inspired another human being to run around with little labelled envelopes screaming like a aint all bad! LOVE YOU CHUCK! xxxxx

  4. So sorry you didn't have a great weekend. At least it's over and done with now though - onwards. I do hope you all have a good week and that next weekend is a really good one. I'm sending you a big cyber hug.

  5. Hi just found your lovely Blog, so to hear your weekend wasn't great lets hope next weekend is better. I real like the look of your garden.

  6. I know just what you mean - sometimes the pressure we put on our weekends to do something, go somewhere, is exhausting. But too much time mooching around the house means the kids are bouncing off the walls - weekend balance is hard to achieve. I hope next weekend is happier for you all. xx