Tuesday, 1 October 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 41/52

You find me feeling quite normal today. Mundane even. Pedestrian in the extreme. No hormones tripping me up. No fatigue messing with my head. Thank you for your recent solidarity. It certainly made me smile and feel precious too.


We just made it! Olly and I managed to dodge the heavy rain showers. We've done our jobs for the day and walked the dogs. We've been to Blewett's toy shop in Hayle, and Olly bought a new train with his pocket money from Nanny. Now both of us are settling down to a quiet afternoon, with a bit (lot) of ironing thrown in for good measure. If I'm lucky I may even slip in the last 56 pages of my book group read. I'm hostess tomorrow evening. I've had a bit of a lull in the reading department lately. It has lots to do with my poor eyesight. I have my prescription in my purse, but haven't found any glasses that I really like. Vanity is alive and well here, I can tell you.

Alfie has gone away on a team building overnight stay with school, and if I'm honest I'm looking forward to not locking horns with him for the next twenty four hours. By God he's a piece of work at the moment. Argumentative, rude, aggressive, stubborn. When I hear him come in from school, I stiffen and prepare for battle. Oh it's not all him, I know that. We are like oil and water lately. But he does need a firm unwavering hand, which I try very hard to be. It doesn't always work, and there are times that I just sit there with my head in my hands about it all.

I often find myself running Olly's bath after tea, sat on the floor leaning against the bath for support, exhausted by the previous three hours of Alfie, and girding my loins for more. There will always be more. Paradoxically I love his feisty nature too. I know that he will never be walked over, and he strives to be the best in everything. And he's gone back to playing Rugby for St Ives under twelves, which I'm dead chuffed about.

Anyhoo. This week's simple happy things. Joining in with Jen.


Specifically a Comma. There are still lots of butterflies on the last of the Buddleia or gorging on the overripe Blackberries. They'll be gone soon I guess, as the weather turns colder. It was a treat to see this particular variety on our walk today.


My old wellies died in Spring, and I have been meaning to buy some ever since. A trip to Cornwall Farmers for animal food, resulted in me buying this pair. They have a fluffy lining!! I am one step away from those granny boots you see ladies of a certain age wear. I know my own Nanny did. God help me.

Notice Board

With Olly's first real birthday party invitation, and a spelling award for Alfie from school. I have been told that the party is a disco. I can't wait! Alfie got 78/80 for a recent on the spot spelling test at school. I was beyond thrilled. Alfie was cross he didn't get 80. See what I mean about striving to achieve?

Fabric Bundles

To assist with another of my 'home made gifts for Christmas' project. I am drying the Lavender from the garden, and intend to make some scented bags. I know, crafty! I think my favourite is the blue with white flowers. I have a thing for blue at the moment (more of that another time). They were very cheap - the whole lot cost me a fiver. Bargain.

And that was the happy.

Take it easy lemon squeezy.

Leanne xx


  1. Hang in there with Alfie. As someone who has come out the other side of parenting five kids I can tell you it really does get better. I laughed about him being upset he didn't get an 80/80 on his spelling test. My oldest son was exactly the same. :-)

  2. Good for you, Miss Crafty! Those fabrics are so pretty. Hang in there with Alfie. I'm not looking forward to that phase of life. It sounds like you're doing everything right, though. He is quite a spelling whiz, I can see. Hope Olly has a wonderful time at the party. :)

  3. that fabric! what a score!!! know waht you mean about the exhaustion with more to come! parenting...hard and magic all rolled together! x

  4. Your Alfie sounds a lot like my eldest. We butt heads all the time, starting from about two seconds after I collect him from school. And boy, is he competitive. Glad you are feeling on a more even keel though. I do know what you mean about the exhaustion. It's hard. Lovely wellies though - a fluffy lining, bliss! Hope you enjoy the rest of the week, and that it's not too stressful a one.

  5. Excellent fabric bargains there. I love the sound of Alfie's spirit and desire to do well, although I can imagine it might make for some exhausting parenting. Lord, kids are hard work, aren't they? xx

  6. Lavender is my very favourite and I love the fabrics. Enjoy Alfie as much as you can because he will be gone so soon,so far,so definitely. And you will so proud x

  7. Hello lovely and what a lovely post! You are not alone in the vanity department. Had my eyes tested two week ago, need new glasses for reading and driving (grrr) and then ones for other things, I mean how many glasses am I going to have to juggle and yes I am thinking of one of those lovely strings around my neck (oh dear we are getting old!). Anways, I too am having the dilemma of not finding a suitable pair of glasses, well actually I found two but they are so very expensive that I just can't even think of paying that so for now I am going to have to wait. I am sorry to hear that times are stressful and difficult with Alfie and I really really feel for you. It is so hard when there is tension all the time or well for some of it anyway. I know what you mean by feeling tense the minute they are home from school as I am going through much the same with my daughter and she is only 4, gawd help me when she is a teenager!! I think I might have to take a gap year from parenting or something. I hope things improve and somehow you find strength, it is so darn exhausting and here is big hug coming your way! Loving those wellies and no they are chic dare I say it. I stared at them for ages wondering 'where did she get these?'. That's enough rambling from me. Enjoy your week and weekend lovely and oh yes the lavender bags, the blue is my fave too! I will be joining you in making some for Christmas, it is such a lovely thing to do! xoxo