Saturday, 27 July 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 31 & 32/52

Hello there lovely people! And hello to new followers. You are very welcome here.

Thank you so much for all your comments on some of my recent posts. I read them all avidly. You are all so kind to take the time to either leave a complimentary comment or one of solidarity. I look forward to seeing them pop into my inbox. They make my day!

My, doesn't time fly when the kids are at home. It's not that it's been go, go, go. More like slowing to a standstill. Having that third cup of tea while Olly plays. Both still in our pj's, because, well, why not really? The older two emerging from their hideous pits (and they really are. I just thrust cleaning wipes, the vacuum and refuse bags at them weekly. The rest is up to them) and lounging around downstairs eating cereal.

Olly and I have been out and about. No-where in particular- park, beach, walking Honey - while Alfie plays with his mates and Samuel enters another phase of hibernation. Next weekend is Camp Bestival, followed by trips to Bristol and Newcastle with some camping thrown in for good measure. I have collected a mass of information on free activities, we are swimming at least once a week and I have decided to decorate the kitchen!!! Phew.

I have been remiss with the happy, so I have combined two weeks worth into one post.
As always joining in with Jen.

Wild Plants

There are some beautiful sights along the footpaths and lanes of St Ives at the moment. The Foxgloves have finished, but there are Thistles, grasses and other lovely plants to inspect and enjoy.

Garden Plants

Not to be outdone, the flowers in the garden are going from strength to strength. I've had a bit of a disaster in the raised borders (more on that later), but my cottagy border and Dahlia trug are pulling out all the stops. Everyday sees something new.

A Sunset For Grown Ups

We have been going to the beach lots. I have fallen in love with Porthmeor this summer. On Friday, Samuel babysat while me and Marc went to watch the sunset with Marc's sister - and one of my closest friends - Karen, her husband Taff and my nephew Charlie. We took a blanket and wine. We talked and laughed. We took lots of pictures, and reminisced. It was such a lovely evening. And Sam took his role very seriously (I really should pay him...)

Garden Produce

Going on holiday at the start of a heatwave, was disastrous for the greenhouse. All my seedlings frazzled, and the Peppers, Chillies, Cucumbers and Strawberries were dead by the time I got home. The veg in the little plot at the side of the house has fared much better. I have pulled up some Shallots, Broad Beans have been harvested and Runner and French Beans are ready to be picked. The Tomato is the only survivor in the greenhouse, they are sweet and juicy. That's gardening for you - success and failure in equal measure!

So that's two week's worth of happy in one post. I am aware that I have promised to post about keeping chickens, and a fledgling garden series. I also know that I have limited myself to one post a week. Well I guess we all knew that was never going to happen.........perhaps 'as and when' is a better target to set myelf!

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend.

Leanne xx


  1. I love all your happies. The tomato actually looks perfect, I'm glad it survived. It must be so nice to live right near the beach, maybe I'll try it someday myself. :)

  2. Time does indeed fly in the summer holidays. It's blissful not to have to rush everywhere, although I still seem to have lots to do. You sound like you will be really busy too! What a shame about the things in your greenhouse. A friend's husband watered my allotment while I was away, and ended up doing it every evening as it was so hot! I did feel rather guilty, especially as he was looking after other plots too, and ended up doing four in one evening. Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend.

  3. Have we really had just over a week of summer holiday already? Where does it go? Looks like you're having a great time. So many lovely things growing in your garden! x

  4. Such happy pictures! I would love to hear about your chickens soon, I want some but my husband says "No!" We do have four pets already though, so I do understand where he is coming from... Your evening at the beach sounds delightful and you seem to be having a great summer so far! :)

  5. Your sunset beach trip looks totally perfect. And you had wine too...lovely. Excellent garden produce, too. xx