Sunday, 28 July 2013

Liebster Love Part Three

Jill from Family Life At Number 2 has kindly nominated me for a Leibster. I like these. They are fun, and some of the questions are a bit barmy. I like the spirit in which they are offered too.

The idea is you write eleven facts bout yourself, answer the eleven questions set by the nominator and then pose eleven questions of your own for your chosen blogs to answer. 

So here goes! 

Eleven Random Facts About Myself

I laugh too loudly at the wrong time.

I enjoy the odd cigarette.

My favourite perfume is Chanel No 5.

I had my first proper kiss at seventeen.

I've been meaning to replace the battery in my Swatch watch for about ten years.

My name was chosen for me by my Auntie Maralyn, because my parents couldn't agree on one.

I love polka dots.

I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

I live in the UK, but have never been to Scotland.

I would like to have an allotment

I can still run quite fast.

Eleven Questions from Jill

Chocolate chip or custard cream?Custard cream. I eat the middle first by twisting the biscuit off. I have been known to only eat the middle and discard the rest.

Camping or Luxury Hotel?
I am a camping convert since we got Betty. But I would never turn down the chance to stay in a luxury hotel.

What's your favourite word?

Hmmm. Well I am with Stephen Fry on the catharsis of a good expletive!

Sunrise or Sunset?
Can't choose between them. Both are beautiful and mark the beginning and the end in unique ways.

What's the worse Xmas present you've ever received?
I can't go into details for fear of blushing, but it was from my father in law and it was very inappropriate.

Which is your favourite season?
Again, I can't choose a favourite. The beauty of living in the UK is the passing of the seasons, and there are wonderful things about all of them. I like Autumnal colours and clothing best though. And the smell of Autumn is a favourite of mine too.

Home or Away?

Home. Home comforts, my own bed, my garden, familiarity.

Which is your favourite book of all time?
I adore 'The Tenant Of Wildfell Hall' by Anne Bronte and 'Bad Dirt' by Annie Proulx. But the book I have read the most in the past five years is 'A Short History Of Nearly Everything' by Bill Bryson. I was completely clueless at science at school, spending most of my time distracting others and putting sweets in the jars of acid. This book continues to be  revelation!

Bright colours or pastel colours?
Pastel or rather muted shades. The light in St Ives can make for a beautiful muted light and shade. I love the greens and blues of the sea on an overcast day.

Is the glass half full or half empty?
It is half full, but I spend my time worrying that it will become half empty. I am a pessimist. 

What one thing would you take to a desert island?
If it's a thing, it would be a good cup of tea.

Phew! And finally....

Eleven Questions To Answer

Are you a morning person?

What is your favourite fruit?

Are you superstitious?

What is your favourite smell?

Rock chick or hippy chick?

Do you have any pets?

Where is the furthest from home that you've travelled?

Do you read a paper?

What was your favourite TV programme as a child?

Flora or fauna?

What is your favourite Madonna song?

These are the blogs that I would like to nominate. I enjoy reading them, and they have been very supportive of this little space too. Go have a look for yourself.


  1. Autumn is my favorite too and I would definitely have to have tea with me on a desert island. :)

  2. Nice to learn more about you Leanne. I had a little chuckle at your glass half empty/half full answer. I think I might be a little bit the same in that regard :-) Mel x

  3. Hi Leanne well to start with the Liebster award is new to me and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading a little bit about you. One thing us for sure you write very well and it's never too late, you can still be a writer dear!! Thanks for nominating my little space I will aim to answer these ASAP. Kids on hols and all that. I love reading your blog so really the pleasure is all mine. Dying to know what you got for Christmas. xoxo

  4. I loved reading these - I'm just too noisy for my own good! It's always lovely to learn a little bit more about the 'author'! Thank you so much for nominating me and for leaving the comments on my blog. I'm really touched! I'm about to give my blog a new logo and a bit of a revamp and in the meantime will be thinking of some exciting facts and questions to ask! xx

  5. Thank you for nominating me Leanne. I love reading your blog, and thank you for your kind comments on mine. I love that you laugh too loudly and at the wrong time. Your list is great, I shall have to give it all some thought!

  6. Lovely to know more about you Leanne! I'm with you on your favourite sport. And the love of home and autumn clothes. Your blog really is so lovely, as are you. Just wanted to tell you that! x