Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Day Trippers

So we went to Porthminster Beach with other year six kids and their Mums to mark the end of it all. I forgot the wet suits, towels and board shorts. What kind of Mum am I? A question Alfie asked me. I had no answer. I need to re-think the beach bag.

Fun was had anyway. Olly just went for it. Alfie borrowed some boardies.

The boys were hungry when we left the beach, so we became tourists for an hour instead of trudging back up the hill and home. The boys ate sausage rolls and ice cream. We went to the arcade, and window shopped up Fore Street.

It made a change from the usual evening routine, and it felt as if we part of  town life during the summer holidays.

All the holiday makers were strolling alone the harbour front. And lots of people we knew too. So I felt connected and a bit touristy at the same time.

It's just another thing I rarely do with the children. I never let them go into the arcade because "We're not on holiday." Spoilsport.

Ice creams from Jus' Desserts are what Nanny buys the boys. Not me. Humbug.

It sometimes feels like too much of an effort to go into town of an evening, when you aren't even on holiday. Moan.

This shop window is just for me....

The boys thoroughly enjoyed their extended end of term fun. And I got to talk to Alfie about plans for the summer. He made me realise that I should talk to him before I make plans. He is nearly eleven and a half after all. I always forget this.

He is growing up and growing away.

"Can we  do this again, Mum?"
"What like a tourist?"
"Yeah. Let's be a tourist for the night!"

So that's what we will do.

Leanne xx

(and yes, I know three posts in one day is excessive. I have packed a huge amount into today. And at mid-night, I should be in the land of nod. I have decided on one post a week only during the summer holidays. Starting..............................now).


  1. Well, I enjoyed your prolific posting today and I shall look forward to your less-frequent ones for the rest of the summer. Also, I'd like some of that blue ice cream.

  2. I forgot to take goggles to the paddling pool at the beginning of the week and apparently everyone's entire day was utterly ruined! It looks like you all had a lovely evening. St Ives is quite buzzing in the summer I think. Hope your summer holidays are wonderful.

  3. I think you don't do end up doing the touristy things wherever you live because normal life gets in the way. I'd love to do a London Tour Bus but can never find the time nor can justify spending £25 to sit at the top of a bus listening to some dodgy commentating that I know I could probably do better! I've got a friend's little girl for the day tomorrow and hopefully I'll get to look at some London sights with fresh eyes!

    I loved all your posts yesterday but you must enjoy the summer! x

  4. I'm always forgetting stuff, but what a lovely looking beach.

    My kids are always ravenous beasts when we've had a trip down to the beach.

    Happy holidays,

    Nina x

  5. If it makes you feel any better, I am always forgetting stuff, to the point where my now 6 year old has started saying but Mum you always forget! (not good!). Anyways, great pics of what looked like a really lovely day out and how lovely to do holiday thingies that you wouldn't normally do. They appreciate it so much more. Enjoy your hols with your kids xoxo

  6. I know I mentioned getting away from the tourists in my last post, but living somewhere where everyone wants to come away on holiday means you don't have to go far to feel in the holiday mood! Hope you have some more enjoyable days being a tourist!
    Sarah x