Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Nature In The Home - White


There isn't much white in the garden at the moment. A solitary white Foxglove. Frothy Gypsophelia. Chirpy Daisies. However, tucked in a corner of the veggie patch are Mange Tout. They've been rather overlooked by me, I'm sorry to say. The flower is white with green veins running through it. Quite beautiful. Today I gathered a little crop - enough to throw into a stir fry. I was thrilled. I think I shall grow more of these next year.

Joining in with Lou.



  1. I love those too. We planted some this year because they're supposed to be helpful with grapevines somehow. I forget why my husband said we should do it. We have had a few to eat and they were good!

  2. I always try and grow sugar snap peas because the boys love to eat them straight from the plant. The more veggies they eat, the happier I am! Beautiful photos.

  3. Inspired as always!! Love the images and also struggling with white this week. Love mange tout and mine are nowhere near this stage at the moment. Enjoy the stir fry. It's such a pleasure to be able to eat out if your own garden, a good things we have our usual veg delivery each week otherwise we would be starving at the rate ours is growing :-) xoxo (ps hope you enjoyed your girlie lunch and chat and the tennis offcourse!! What a day yesterday!!)

  4. Love that mosaic. The flower looks a lot like a sweet pea, but I suppose it kind of is, really! Cooking stuff you've grown gives SUCH pleasure. I didn't really get that until recently. x

  5. Leanne,
    That is so beautifully displayed.
    Sarah x