Wednesday, 26 June 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 29/52

Just dropping in with my happy post for this past week. I've already done some pottering in the garden, and I'm off out later with my chum Liz. I imagine we will put the world to rights, and have a cheeky gossip. Very much looking forward to it.

I've been feeling a little harrumph these past couple of days. Olly hasn't been sleeping well, so I'm tired and tetchy. I also feel, well, old this week. I don't know why. Forty three is hardly ancient, but I feel lacking in energy and enthusiasm. I am having a periphery worry about how I shall keep up with Olly when I am fifty and he is ten. I do that. Worry about the future and my place in it. What lies out there. Do you?

Four simple happy things from my week. As always, joining in with Jen.


I have given away several courgette plants, and kept several for myself. Yellow, green and sunshine varieties. They have all thrived this year. I love the courgette flower (which you can eat, although I never have). It's a beautiful orange colour, which brightens up the veggie patch no end. I have some small yellow courgettes starting to swell too, and look forward to picking them soon.

Poppy Treffry

Poppy Treffry is a Newlyn based textile designer, who uses freehand machine embroidery. I love this style, as it looks very happy and in the moment to me. I have bought her latest book, with the intention of trying to learn some techniques myself. However, she gives day courses, and I am tempted to book myself on one.

I have bought these three tea towels, because there was bogof offer on in her shop in St Ives. I am thinking of getting them framed. They are too nice to dry my dishes with. They are happy nostalgic motifs. I also liked looking at them blowing in the breeze on the line this morning!


I am very happy that these have arrived for Alfie and Olly this week, otherwise we wouldn't be going on holiday next Friday. As is my want, I left the application to the last But thanks to the lovely lady at the local post office, they were checked and expedited. So France here we come!


I love, love, love Wimbledon! My cousin and his wife have secured centre court tickets this year. I am very jealous, but have decided to try and get some for next year. I've always wanted to go. I imagine that it would be a great atmosphere, and a weekend jolly in London always appeals.

Right I need to scrub the dirt from under my nail, pull a brush through my hair and sashay out the door. Diet coke or spritzer with lunch? New balls please!

Leanne xx


  1. Strangely enough I've been feeling a bit low this week, must be vibes in the air!! You'll be fine when you reach 50, honestly. I think energy levels are up and down whatever the age and you may find you have a sudden spring in your step. Enjoy your gossip time and Wimbledon. x

  2. My dear 43 is far from old and I suppose worrying about the future is something we all do, but I have to confess I do a great deal less of it these days and I think I feel heaps better for it. Loving your courgette's, my goodness they are looking great in comparison to mine, you are clearly seeing a lot more sun down your way than up north. Gorgeous teatowels and I have never heard of Poppy Teffry before, very inspiring. Yay!!! Passports and France, how very exciting. I love love love France and just want to live there to be honest, but in the meantime it is so great to visit. Enjoy your lunch and natter and yes I am with you on the Wimbledon front, just love it. I have been once and it was quite the experience. xoxo

  3. I worry about the future sometimes too, but I've found it's not really worth the energy. I've always had some anxiety issues, all of my life, and it's been a trick to learn how to deal with them, so I do understand the worrying. I hope you have a great time with your friend Liz, that sounds like fun. The tea towels are really nice and I think you could totally learn to make some yourself. :)

  4. I know exactly what you mean about future worries. I think it's inevitable. I try to ignore them as much as I can but sometimes they are there like a dark cloud across the sun. Wonderful tea towels by the way. I love Poppy Treffry's stuff, and I'm hoping to visit her shop when I'm on holiday in Marazion this year. Not sure if I'll manage it, bearing in mind I will be dragging four boys along behind me (including one grown-up(ish) one). I don't usually get to do much girly stuff.

  5. I too worry about the future, but then I remember that there is nothing to be gained in worrying about things we can't control. LOVE the poppy treffrey tea towels - especially the one with the camper van. Bella's passport arrived today - she looks so cute and little, bless. x