Monday, 3 June 2013

Cape Cornwall

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What a wonderful week. Sun fuelled busy days with the boys. Here there and everywhere. Hardly time to draw breath. We have been blessed with superb weather in Cornwall. My freckles are slowly merging into one. My hair looks a little lighter, and I have been bare legged for the first time this year. The good weather has meant that we have been outside most of the time, either in the garden or at the beach.

One of the places we went to was Cape Cornwall. To reach it, we drive out of St Ives and along the coast road towards St Just. From there we turn right and head down to the cove. It is owned by The National Trust. It is a magical spot, that is often overlooked by visitors to West Cornwall. It is where Marc proposed to me many years ago. It is a place that we have returned to again and again as the years go by. It is beautifully unspoilt, with a small pebbly cove (Priests Cove) that is still worked by fishermen. It is just lovely and peaceful there.

Yesterday we blessed with sunshine. We headed down to the cove, and straight to the rock pools. Actually I headed straight there. I have an endless fascination with them, which began long ago on a holiday to Devon. I found a hermit crab when I was ten. I have never found one since, but I always feel a great sense of anticipation when I look into a rock pool. You never know what you'll find.

Yesterday the pools were so clear that Olly and I were able to just sit and watch and observe the little sea creatures. We had a lot of fun with a particularly territorial Shrimp, and tickled the Anemones tummies. It was great to share my love of something with Olly. And even though he eventually wandered off to have a paddle, I could have stayed there forever.

Olly & his man bag

It was one of those perfect days from start to finish. Honestly. There was minimal pre-hormonal tussles with Alfie. Sam was up before 11am. Olly was in his paddling pool by 8am. I bought a child's desk for £7.00 (more of that later). Marc flushed out something in Betty that he was very pleased about. I managed to persuade Sam to wear shorts for the first time in three years. I potted up some plants and played in the garden. I sat in my yellow conservatory, which I now love despite initial misgivings.

There is much to tell and share. Bear with while I gather my thoughts, and sift through my photographs.

Leanne xx


  1. Wow, what a wonderful day you had! The photos are beautiful, I would love to go there someday. I laughed out loud at Olly's man-bag! How funny. He looks so cute with it, he's very serious about the beach. Places to go, things to collect.

  2. This is such a nice post. I love sharing your Cornish beach trips, it reminds me of lots of happy childhood holidays in the west country. Those rockpools are so clear! So glad you all had fun. x

  3. Lovely pictures from Cape Cornwall it looks warmer than we last visited there it looks like Olly had fun! Is your camper van back in working order now?
    Sarah x

    1. All is well with Betty for the moment!!

      Leanne x