Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Two Walks In One Day

The North Cliffs  Tehidy Country Park

These two walks are almost next to each other geographically, but totally different in terms of experience. It was a cloudy start to today, which was disappointing because we've had such fabulous weather. I set off to find bluebells in the woods. The North Cliffs walk at Tehidy were enchanting. True the Bluebells were past their prime. I shall remember to visit earlier next time. However the Ferns, Foxgloves, Campions and all the other wild flowers were in full flow. The tress are knarled and twisted due to the wind coming off the sea, but it reminded me of 'Where The Wild Things Are '. It was just a very peaceful place, and perfect for a nature loving twitcher nerd like myself.

Hells Mouth

Hells Mouth is a part of  the South West Coast Path. I walked from here to Godrevy and back. The views were spectacular. The sun had come out. The hedgerows were simply jaw dropping in their variety of flora and flora. The pollinators were gorging themselves. I saw Kestrels, Buzzards and some beautiful butterflies.


I have always loved walking. But not walking with hiking boots, those walking pole things and a map and compass. Each to their own and all that, but I often encounter walkers/ramblers and they seem intent on getting from A to B, head down, one muscly leg striding in front of the other. Yes I know that's a massive generalisation, but as I pass them I wonder if they see the small stuff as well as the big.  The tiny little orange butterfly, the woolly mammoth caterpillar, the golden beetle.

Mind you, walking with flip flops isn't so sensible. I lost count of the times I did that 'side of the foot over the shoe' ankle crunch.....

Leanne xx


  1. Beautiful photos, these sound like very nice walks. I love to walk too, and I try to do it often. There's a lot of hiking to be done where I live. I'm not into the high-tech or equipment-heavy walking either; I guess I prefer to stroll.

  2. Gorgeous countryside but definately not a walk for flipflops!

  3. Lovely photos, I think it's noticing the small things that make countryside walks so special, I too am a flip flop walker! X

  4. Wonderful pictures as always, they must have been good walks. Did you see any seals up at Hell's Mouth?
    Sarah x

    1. We did see some seals. We also saw a Kestrel which was awesome.


  5. I'm definitely a flip-flop stroller rather an a serious rambler. Those photos of Hell's Mouth are amazing. x