Thursday, 30 May 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 25/52

Four happy things from this week. As always, linking in with Jen.

It has been a pretty good one, although I run out of time and never seem to get everything done. Such is life. I guess I would far rather take the boy and the three dogs to the beach, rather than paint the conservatory. But then again I am beginning to feel very claustrophobic with the mess that prevails with any kind of decorating.

Mad Dogs

We are babysitting my sister in law's dogs while she is on holiday. There have been one or two interesting moments. They have settled into the house and routine. I think they like being here. They certainly like their daily walks with Alfie and Olly. No plodding along the beach anymore, rather an extended race everywhere. Then lots of throwing stones. This is them the other evening going mad. It's not the best video, but may give you a flavour of the action around here at the moment!

Bee House

I should have posted about this a couple of weeks ago, but as the happiness I get from it continues, I am including it this week. It was a gift from my good friend (I think I can call her that -there are few secrets...), Liz. It was a thank you for helping her to tidy up her front garden. Her father in law made it. It looks very cosy to me In fact I'd quite like to move in myself. I have placed it facing the sun (it's what you do apparently). I'm not sure if there are any visitors yet, but any that do move in will have a des res to boast about.

Lelant Beach

Half term in St Ives means lots and lots of visitors. And that's great, for many reasons. But when you live here all year, the main beaches can seem a little taken up. And there is a controversial dog ban in place this year, so I cannot take the dogs and boys onto Porthmeor in the evenings. However, Lelant has Porth Kidney Sands. It is heavenly. It is a long, wide expanse of white sand sandwiched between the dunes and the Atlantic. Dogs are welcome all year round. It is probably my favourite local beach.

You need to take everything you may require with you, as there are no facilities. This makes it even more special. The photos were taken this afternoon. I took a small lunch, some water and some toys trains. The boys played, ran, laughed, jumped and had a ball. No asking for anything. No "I'm booooooored!"
In short, Mum heaven!

K T Tunstall

I love this song. I love her.


I am thinking about writing a personal guide of West Cornwall. Some of my favourite things to do. Things that a visitor wouldn't necessarily know about. I wonder if anyone would be interested in reading it, particularly any of you who are thinking about visiting Cornwall in the future. Let me know.

Leanne xx


  1. Ha! The video of the dogs is awesome, I laughed out loud when naked Olly ran through! It sounds like you're making the right choice going to the beach instead of painting. You'll get it done, I'm sure.

  2. Good choice, the beach and what lovely weather! Miserable here today! x

  3. Oh that beach - that would make me very happy indeed. And blue skies too...gorgeous x

  4. Lovely photos.Yes I definitely think that people would be interested in the aspects of Cornwall less well known!!