Monday, 27 May 2013

Adventures In Babysitting

I have just poured myself a second glass of wine. All is quiet.

It's been a quite wonderful weekend.

If a tad hectic at times.

What with three dogs and three children to look after.

We are babysitting. It has been eventful.

But as Bank Holiday weekends go, it's been my kind of perfect.


Leanne xx


  1. Beautiful photos, I especially love the one of Alfie and Olly together on the sand. They're both very handsome guys. I'm really glad you had such a nice weekend. :)

  2. Hi Leanne
    Lovely photos. I too love the one of the boys having fun
    I have a string of triangular bunting here for you which I would love to send. If you would like it could you pop over to Chalky's and leave a contact address by email on my blog.

  3. What fabulous photos! That beach and blue sky - lovely. I'm glad you're happy and that you had a nice weekend. xx

  4. I completely agree with everyone else, gorgeous photos.