Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nerds and Winners

Firstly. I am never taking two slightly hyper boys to have their passport photogrphs taken ever again. I pass the baton on to anyone willing to enter a ridiculously busy supermarket with two children intent on a duel to the death, Star Wars style. Throw in a box with a spinning seat, and hey presto! Mummy meltdown.

It's not that I don't love the way that Alfie and Olly engage with each other. I am even prepared to put up with the inevitable sibling squabbling (why did I think that these two wouldn't do that) that has suddenly reared it's little head. Olly adores Alfie. Alfie adores Olly. But sometimes Alfie doesn't want to hang out with Olly. Olly has no idea why. It makes him cross. Which makes Alfie cross....

In other news....


Nearly crops!!

It's a great time in the garden. There are little changes everyday. I step outside in the morning with a brew and wander around. I crouch down and inspect an uncurling leaf or another clump of impending loveliness.

Take Aliums. I have never planted them before. I always thought they'd be a temperamental plant, not hardy enough for my sausage fingers to handle. But there they are. Growing. Upwards. Unfurling. Looking flipping fantastic!

Or Dahlias. I fell in love with them last year. Emboldened by Carol Klein and Laeticia Maklouf, I had a go at dividing the tubers. I over-wintered them and plunged them into soil a couple of months ago. Apart from two, they've all grown!! How brilliant is that? This weekend I shall be planting them out into a large trug that Marc (wonderful Marc) will be building for me. I can't wait for spectacular blooms and stunning colour.

And reams upon reams of seedlings - flower and vegetable - that I have been planting up and potting on. Far too many for just me. I need to restrain myself. Or get a bigger garden. I just love the whole process. And the economics.


On a different note. Literally several of you lovely people asked to be put into the giveaway. And in real time, Alfie will pick a winner.......................who is.....

Gillian of the simply marvellous Tales From A Happy House Gillian, if you can email me your address, I can send a box of goodies to you.

So another rambling post about nothing much in particular. I think that's me at the moment. Lots going on, even more to do. But somehow never getting anywhere. Ho hum.

Leanne xx


  1. Congrats to Gillian! Your crops are looking great, well done! I can only imagine what they acted like going for passport photos; we now take our own at home, which is a little easier. There are specific guidelines you have to follow but it's better this way. My two fight plenty, so I understand. :)

  2. Ohh lucky me! Thanks lovely! :-) I will email you with my address.

    Your love for your garden just shines through and makes me want to do more in my own garden. And you've reminded me that I need to get passport photos done for my two...dreading that... x

    1. ok, apologies if I'm being really dense but I can't find your email address... x

  3. Passport photos...thankfully my boys didnt need photos doing when they were small, they were added to our passports but it must have been a bit of a trauma for you!!
    Well done with all your crops.They seem to be further on than mine. I am hoping ours are so much better than last years offerings which quite honestly weren't very good at all. I blame the constant rain!

  4. Passport photos and little children don't mix! After numerous attempts at getting my son to look straight ahead, sit still and not smile all while sitting on a spinning chair, I was eternally grateful to the fellow Mum who walked passed me at the time and recommended I visit the local photography store in town who would take the photo for me for not much more money! Needless to say my daughters passport photo was far less stressful.
    Loving the blog, x