Friday, 24 May 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 24/52

Here I am late with my happy. It's been manic this week, to say the least. I am rattling this off before I take Alfie to Judo, and then I have a long night of Mum's taxi service in front of me! Thank you for all your lovely comments on recent posts put up here. And hello to new followers. I am dead chuffed! I have tried to comment on posts this week, but my visits have been sporadic. I hope to amend that next week. I've missed that quiet half hour of so in the evening reading all the stuff you lot have been up to.


It's half term! I declare a state of relaxation and fun trips out for the family. I know I could do with it. Visits to local places of interest, hopefully some beach time (please be nice to West Cornwall, Mr Weatherman), reading, gardening. You know the deal.


So joining in with Jen.....

My whole happy this week is wrapped around Sam. (This is not to say that there hasn't been other happy. I've decided to give them separate posts. There is soooooo much I'd like to share). Sam celebrates his 16th birthday tomorrow. Today he won prizes for attainment at his school speech day. His school prom is this evening, and I have just waved him off with a little tear in my eye. (Blub).

He looks handsome and tall and awkward and nervous and excited, all at the same time!

This time sixteen years ago I had literally no idea what I was letting myself in for. I was naive enough to believe that Motherhood would be a walk in the park. I would bake and make jam, while my new born slept (he never slept until he was two). I would look effortlessly glamorous as I pushed him to the shops in the pram (I looked hideous. I lived in Marc's t shirts and a pair of black boot cut stretchy trousers. I often had toast stuck to my head). I was going to have a least four children (I swore I'd never have another!)

For me, Sam has been a glorious challenge from the beginning. Most of those challenges were mine, the poor little bugger was just along for the ride. I look back and think about all the ways I would/should/could have done it differently. I made all these mistakes with Sam that I never made with Alfie and Olly. I'm surprised he turned out at all normal.

But he did. And more than that, he has grown into a simply fabulous young man. I am so so proud of him and all that he stands for. He has a good heart. He cares for people and doesn't like to upset them. He has natural empathy. We share the same sense of humour. He loves history and current affairs, and has an incredible knowledge and understanding of the world we live in. He is tall and handsome (have I already said that? Forgive a Mother's love...), and totally lacking in vanity.

I just love him to bits. My Sammy. My complex first born, who is yet to really dip his toe into the waters of the world. Who sometimes lacks confidence in himself and his innate abilities. But who I know will have a riot when he finally takes the plunge and jumps in. Life is there for the taking matey pips. Go for it!

Have a fab prom and after party, Sammy.

And Happy Birthday!!

Love Mum xx


  1. That is such a lovely post. I know totally what you mean about the firstborn. I always thought it just as well that those early days when I really had no idea what I was doing apart from loving my son 1 million per cent were just between the two of us. At least when they start to talk you have some idea if you are on the right track.

    You sound as if you are going to have a very busy week after another busy week.

    I have a little parcel all packed and ready to send to you. Can you guess what it is? Please pop over to my blog and leave me an email with your address. If you would rather perhaps I could send it to the little post office in your lovely town

    Kindest regards Linda

  2. Happy birthday to Sam and congratulations on the prizes he won. You must be so proud of him. He looks very smart in his prom outfit.
    Sarah x

  3. What a lovely, lovely post. I hope I raise a boy like Sam, he sounds wonderful. Great photos of you both - you look radiant and proud. Happy birthday to Sam! x

  4. Happy birthday to your awesome boy! We became mothers at nearly the exact same time! My oldest is about to turn 16 on June 4th! Hope prom went well! xx

  5. What a nice post. Happy birthday to Sam! I love the photos, you look like a girl on the way to the prom yourself! All that wafting has been kind to you. :)