Tuesday, 26 February 2013

52 Weeks Of Happy - 12/52

Yikes. I've been doing this for twelve weeks.

As always following in the lovely footsteps of Little Birdie & Tales From A Happy House.

Just a few simple happy things this week.

Flotsam and Jetsam

Olly found a balloon on the beach this morning. It was all puckered and looked rather sorry for itself. There was a smidge of helium left in it, so it just about kept aloft. He took the balloon home and we gave it a smiley face with googly eyes. When the balloon finally deflated a solemn bin burial was administered.


Olly loves a bit of sticking and gluing. Left to his own devices (I was ironing. Urgh), he created this masterpiece. I wondered why he was rummaging around in the peg bag. I love it. He's obviously had so much fun making this, and I daresay his little grey cells were whirring too. What a happy expressive picture!

Diana, Dot & Cutie

My sister in law's week old ducks. Not the best picture, but they looked so adorable snuggled up together under the heat lamp. Olly has been able to see them have a bath, and to give them a little stroke. Isn't he lucky?

Happy Dog

Olly The Dog (so as Olly the little boy doesn't get confused) is a very happy soul. We sometimes walk him and his mum Lily. As well as Honey. There can be strange looks at the madness - me, three dogs and a toddler. But hey. If I don't mind....
Olly the dog has boundless energy and Olly the little boy loves throwing a ball for him.

The sky maybe slate grey once more. The wind is bleddy cold. But here in West Cornwall, it's still not a bad place to be!

Leanne xx

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  1. Olly's artwork is just wonderful! So full of life and colour. I bet you just have to look at it and it sheds glitter everywhere. :-)

    Gillian x