Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Blue with cream spots

It was like Spring in the garden today. There were birds flying all over the shop, loads of new shoots pushing up through the earth, Olly played outside with his cars and I sat and had a cup of tea in the sunshine. The chickens were happily scratching about in the leaf pile, and I was presented with two eggs this morning.

This afternoon Olly and me went to Alfie's school concert. Alfie has a speaking part!! He is an American child. He is very proud of this feat, having auditioned every year and never been successful. I adore the school concerts. It's wonderful to see all the hard work that these children put in. I love watching them scan the audience looking for a parent or two to smile at. They look so proud when they get applause or laughter from all of us sat watching.

I was a bit worried that Olly would get bored and fidgety, but he enjoyed every minute of it. He jiggled up and down on my lap when the children were singing, clapped when we clapped and shouted out to Alf when he spotted him on stage. I admit to also getting very involved in the production. I laugh louder than I should, clap harder than most and top it all off with lots of raucous 'whoop whoops' at the end. Well why not? I like to get into the spirit of an occasion.

Today's photos for the December Photo Project are of Hayle Towans. Olly and me walked Honey there today, as all my jobs involved going to Hayle. The wind had a bite, the sun was shining and the sky and sea were blue blue blue. We played the which way game, until I realised we were going to be late for the concert. The upshot of that was carrying a very disgruntled boy back to the car, half falling into a rabbit hole and realising later that that was when I must have lost my scarf............

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