Wednesday, 12 December 2012

52 Weeks Of Happy 2/52

So joining in with Tales From A Happy House, this weeks happy.


1. Christmas post. This time of year I have daily deliveries of parcels containing gifts. I get very excited when they arrive. I love opening them and ticking them off my Christmas list.
2. My first Christmas card. And what a beauty!! Chatsworth House from Nina. I've always wanted to go to Chatsworth. It was my lovely Mother In Law's favourite place. I love the bit in the Keira film of Pride & Prejudice when she sees Darcy's home (they used Chatsworth). Her expression says it all!! Digression aside, I promise to do better this year with sending Christmas cards.
3. The programme for the junior school concert. It really was that good.
4. Christmas tree. As festooned by Alfie and Olly. Lights by Daddy. I'm not precious about the tree. I'm not into co-ordinated baubles and colour combinations. I don't covet the job of decorating it. Christmas is for kids right? I love buying the ornaments though. And for the past couple of years, I've made a twiggy display of my own. I admit to being very precious about that....
5. St Ives Harbour at night. I took this by the Lifeboat House. I just love the twinkly lights.
There's much more to be happy about. I'm having one of them for tea - fresh ravioli with a homemade ragu sauce. I can't wait. Oh and the corned beef and pickle sandwich I had for lunch could have easily made the list too.


  1. Such a nice list of happy things! Your tree looks great, and I love not on the highstreet, I've been placing a few orders there myself lately.

    Gillian x


  2. Thanks Gillian. I am a recent noths convert, but definitely making up for lost time! x