Wednesday, 19 December 2012

52 Weeks of Happy... 3/52

Joining in with Tales From A Happy House, here is my week's happy.


Good grief but Olly has run me ragged today! But it is also the reason for my first happy.

1. May Olly run me ragged forever. I cuddled him after his bath this evening, and he smelt so gorgeous. He snuggled right in as only young children do, and had fallen asleep before I finished his bedtime story. I sat with him for a while before I carried him up to bed. It's one of those times I cherish. There are awful things happening in the world, and children are so often the innocent victims of it all. So I am mindful of this as I tuck Olly in bed, and kiss him goodnight.

2. Presents!!! Specifically Mum's Christmas present. I can't tell you what it is, but it's a beauty. I cannot wait for her to open it.

3. Narcissus. Tiny, perfect flower.

4. Alfie's sense of humour. I only noticed that the angels have fangs today. Too good.

That's the happy. Give me some of yours. Go on! xx

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  1. Lovely list of happy things! I like the angels with fangs the best. I have hugged my kids extra tight this week, especially after bath time when they are snug and sweet smelling and warm.