Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Olly & Me

"They go to school, and then they grow away from you."

I overheard one of the toddler group volunteers say this today

It's true. They start growing away from you almost from the start. Of course they do. They're supposed to. You will always love them more than they will love you. That's why you would fight tigers for them. It's why you let them go. They were never your to keep in the first place.....

First there was Sammy and me. Then Alfie and me. Now it's Olly and me.

Honestly I cherish each day with him. Even the rubbish ones. Even the sleep deprived ones.

Because he disarms me with that smile. That chuckle. That chatter. Those curls. That cuddle. Those kisses. The energy. The wonder at the world. The growing up and becomming him

Just like Sam did.

Just like Alfie did.

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