Sunday, 2 September 2012

Three Princes





I am sat at the dining room table. Everyone has gone to bed, and I am nursing a cold. Our Staycation is officially over. Today I have rushed around, tried (and failed) to get the full quota of uniform stuff for the boys. Why do I always leave it to the last minute, and then frantically plough through racks to find the elusive 10-11school trousers (dark grey) and 15-16 white school shirts? There are none to be had in the whole of Cornwall it would seem.
I feel as if the summer holidays has flown by. Even though the weather has been shabby, I feel that we have given the boys a good one. A balance of organised fun/hanging out/clubs and 'left to their own devices' holiday. I admit to slacking on the daily holiday learning programme that Alfie brought home. Apart from the daily diary, I rebelled inwardly, thinking that from September the pressure of sats, homework and exams will become a reality for him. He starts Year 6, his final year of primary school. Sam starts Year 11, his final year of secondary school. Where did the years go?
Sam is a young man now. He is thoughtful, compassionate, tall, handsome, argumentative, messy and has a keen interest in the world around him. His taste in music is awful. He eats me out of house and home. His feet are huge. He still loves his hugs, except now I look up to him. He has amazing green eyes. He doesn't realise it yet, but he is a born romantic. He is clever, with an intelligence and knowledge that astounds me every day.
Alfie is desperate to be a grown up. He is funny, with the best comic timing. He is a great mimic. He is a fabulous brother and friend to Olly. He is moody, with a quick temper. He can lash out, but just as quickly be sorry that he did. He is loyal and always fights for the underdog. He has cheekbones any model would die for, and an impish face that will always get him out of trouble. He drives me nuts for most of the day then melts me with his words of love at the end of it.
And Olly? Olly loves everything. He is enthusiastic, loves going out in Betty, is a water baby, hates wearing clothes, loves cars, trains and lorries. He has beautiful hair and the best snub nose in town. He uses his potty but refuses to wear pants. He loves stories, songs and walking the dog. He seems to live on fresh air, but has boundless energy.  
This wasn't going to be a post about my boys. I will cherish this holiday as one where they drove me insane, and yet made me burst with love.
The pictures are a selection that I have taken since Friday.

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