Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Walk In The Woods

I love Bill Bryson. You know that game where you can have ten famous dinner guests living or dead? He'd be one of mine. Also Ted Huges, David Attenborough, Victoria Wood, Elizabeth the First, John Lennon, Jane Austen, Shakespeare, Sophocles and Madonna. I reckon it would be a pretty lively table. Who would you have? I'd love to know.

I think I would probably serve Tarragon Chicken with green beans, sprouting broccoli, baby carrots and new potatoes. Because I love it, and I don't make it often enough (I shall make it tomorrow). Desert is a tough one, so I think I would put lots of different ones on the table and they could help themselves. Cake would feature in many varieties. Washed down with a lovely cup of tea.

In the garden there are still flowers everywhere, and some are only just beginning to flower. But the leaves are starting to drop from the trees and there is an Autumnal air. 

The Globe Thistles are flowering. The bees love 'em. And these Dahlias look very Septembery, don't you think?

We ventured out later than planned today, but sometimes life and its' jobs gets in the way of staycations and their adventures.We decided to National Trust it, and headed for a place that my beloved mother in law talked about with such fondness. She was right - the Fal Estuary is glorious. A totally different landscape to West Cornwall, with it's rugged coastline and dramatic scenery that relies on stark beauty and wildness. Here is green and trees and hidden creeks and little beaches. There is a gentle rolling in and out of the tide, and the beauty comes from it's rich colour and plump soft edges.

Trelissick gardens has different walks around it's estate and the boys enjoyed the creek, the woods and picking the first blackberries from the hedgerows. We found a rope swing and climbed trees. From here you can see Mylor, Falmouth, Flushing and The Roseland Peninsula. Cornwall continues to amaze me with its diversity of landscape.


  1. Madonna only eats macrobiotic food and if Victoria Wood was there you would have to start boiling the veg a month before. I would have - Jon Richardson, Henry 8th, Tony Blair, David Icke, Julie Andrews, my Dad, Roy Orbison, Elizabeth Taylor and Jimmy Carr. x


  2. Well I love Madge. Always have. I know she is barmy, but I reckon me and Victoria could persuade her to eat a bit of Lemon Drizzle cake (have you read the short story 'Ice Cream' by Helen Dunmore? That might happen to Madge, but she'd be happer for it, and wouldn't need the Kabbalah). Victoria Wood is quite grumpy in real life, but I admire her so much.
    I'm afraid I couldn't stomach Tony - he is liar. But I love your other choices, and am intrigued by Roy as a choice.Any special reason?