Monday, 3 September 2012

New Term

It's back to business in the garden today. I have marked out my new beds, and decided on some shrubs to plant in a shady corner. My garden is very windy (she tittered to herself), and I have decided to try and curb that by hedging and a mass of evergreen plants. It will also add all year colour, texture and depth. Apparently. Anyway watch this space...

The Laburnum tree was felled today. It has never been happy not matter what we have tried to do. When I dug it up, the root ball had hardly developed - just one lonely tap root. I am taking Laeticia Maklouf's advice  - don't dwell on the plants that failed, just see it as an opportunity to put something more fabulous in it's place. That should be my motto for life.

Olly and I have planted some baby Lady's Mantle plants that we found hiding near the hamster cemetery in pots to over-winter in the greenhouse. These are such lovely plants, and their foliage and flowers are just the thing to add to any posy picked from the garden. They may have been a bit too lovingly over watered....

The bigger plants are Sedum. Bees go mad for it. And Poundland have bulbs for sale again. I walked out with a bag of Daffs, Alium, Iris, Windflowers, Haribo liquorice allsorts and change from a tenner. Life is sweet.

Everywhere I looked in the garden I see a job to be done. I must make a list. I'll post it up tomorrow.

PS - does anyone know how to clip the wings of a chicken?


  1. don't dwell on the plants that failed, just see it as an opportunity to put something more fabulous in it's place.

    that is a brilliant motto Leanne, and a really lovely blog. I must update mine tomorrow, haven`t written since June!

  2. Thank you Terri. You must send me a link to your blog. I have discovered a whole new world!! See you this evening. xx