Thursday, 6 September 2012


I think I've got the Post Holiday Blues. The boys are back to school. Marc is back working away. The weather is glorious. Olly is a bit clingy, but always up for adventure. I feel a bit low and lacking in energy or enthusiasm.

I woke up on Wednesday with a sinking feeling that hasn't left me yet. I'm wandering around the house aimlessly thinking "must do this, should really be getting on with that," and achieving Jeff all. Instead I seem to be writing lots of lists, as if I'm trying to get my mind back to a coherent whole. And I'm cross with myself as well, because who wants to waste such lovely weather by hiding away indoors? 

I think I feel a bit lonely too.

I thought I'd show you the pile of books by my bed at the moment. Some I have finished reading and some I've not started. What books are by your bed? (Unless you have a Kindle. Shame on you!).

The garden is showing definite signs of Autumn's approach, but there are still flowers to be looked at and picked. They are mainly the daisy shaped flowers, that have longevity and attract all the wildlife. I have joined the Bee Conservation Trust , but if you log on to their website, you can download and print off sheets that will help you identify the bees that visit your garden. It's a great site with lots of useful tips and projects you and your family can do together. Olly and me are going to make some bee and bug houses next week. They are quite expensive to buy, but cheap as chips to make.

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