Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bit of this, bit of that





the other piece was Nanny's. Not mine.

We were forecast rain in St Ives, but the sun was shining on the way to Tweenie Tots, and while Olly had a Moo Maid on the harbour afterwards. St Ives was twinkling today. The sea was sunlight dappled and the colours were bright and cheery.
Olly insists on walking everywhere, and although I probably should strap him down in his buggy, I actually love his independence, and confident stepping out into the world. He holds my hand and stops to look at things that interest him. Today it was the stream that runs down the Stennack, some blackberries, a baby and hydrangeas. He doesn't miss a trick and is fascinated by all those everyday life things that I don't see anymore. Counting has become a new obsession - steps, leaves, fingers, cars. At the moment it's either "two!" or "six!" His favourite book is all about counting. I urge you all to buy this for your little ones, or the little ones of others. It is fab!! His favourite meal is cheese on toast. It was very hard not to eat a chunk of cheese while making lunch for him. I will be thin etc, etc.
The garden has been tidied further today. I have cut back some Dahlias and popped them into the greenhouse to over-winter. I think the greenhouse may feature quite a lot over the coming months as I experiment with growing through the winter and getting my head around the art of growing on cuttings. I picked a huge bunch of Cosmos and nicked some Hydrangeas from Gramps' garden. I don't advocate theft, but town councils everywhere grow Hydrangeas in public spaces. Go out with some secateurs (or Ikea scissors. Well, we all buy them when we're there), and snip off a few blooms. It won't hurt the plant and they look rather stunning, last an age and are beautiful. Just one in a vase is enough, and there are so many colours to choose from.
You may not be aware, but I have a 'thing' for mugs. I love a nicely designed mug, especially a china mug. I love these, from M&S. I like the animal print and depiction of thistles. The hare reminds me of that book 'Masquerade by Kit Williams. I really wanted a copy when I was young, so that I could work out the clues and find the golden hare. Did you? I've just stuck it on my Amazon wish list, so I can see what all the fuss was about, although I'm pretty sure the golden hare has been found by now.
Just realised what a chatty post this is. If none of it makes sense, that's just the way I roll!!
Anyway off to bed with you all. Sweet dreams. xxx


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  1. Hi Leanne! Thank you for your kind comment. It makes me feel better!! ;-) As for those mugs they remind of the work of Celia Hart - M&S have taken her idea? Non the less nice mugs! xx