Tuesday, 11 September 2012

All the leaves are brown

Feeling Autumnal. Well aren't we all?

Today I gritted my teeth and returned to fat club. I don't know what's happened to me, apart from eating vast quantities of rubbish all summer long. I feel sluggish, unfit and - omg - my Mum said that I looked frumpy when I went out for dinner on Sunday. She was right. I did. And it's all down to not having the confidence/waistline to wear anything in my wardrobe. What has happened to me?

I spend a lot of time on my own, and although during the day I am busy with Olly and house and garden and dog etc etc etc, at night I sit and eat. Usually biscuits that my Mum has bought for the boys. I should be able to resist them. I just binge eat them. I don't even enjoy them. Is it emotional eating? Is it boredom? Do I need to start an absorbing hobby that I can pursue during the evening? Do I just need to give myself a good talking to and get on with shifting the flab?

Being on my own a lot isn't an excuse, I realise. What should I do? It's almost as if I am sabotaging my weight loss efforts, by throwing crap down my throat. The counsellor in me is quietly wondering what I am trying to push back down inside me with food....

Loneliness. It's a killer!!

Any suggestions? All gretfully received!! xx


  1. My Mum thinks everything can be cured with a smear of lippy! You are not alone - all your fat bddies are here for you, and your book club buddies too xxxx Shall we start a writing group?

  2. My Mum would say you are in the doldrums! I wondered what this meant, so looked it up:
    Low spirits; a feeling of boredom or depression.
    A period of inactivity or a state of stagnation.

    Know how you feel, I have been eating junk all year. I will be going back to fat club after my holiday in two weeks.

    You are not alone xxx